Singapore Formula One Grand Prix behind the scenes 2015

At the commencement of the race weekend, Daniel Ricciardo who is an Australian driver gave an immaculate performance. He came in with the third fastest times in the two race practice rounds.

The Padang Stage was graced on Saturday night by the popular U.S. performer Pharrell Williams.

The pit lane of the Singapore Formula One is where things are cooked up as engines with the latest technologies that cost hundreds of millions of dollars and heart-stopping tyres changes in fewer than two seconds.

Thousands of eager fans put in for a coveted ballot in a bid for an exclusive first-hand inspection of the team garages at the Pit Building at Marina Bay and a free walk down the track that Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo would be gracing.

In spite of the scorching heat, courageous fans wander down the pit lane to sneak a peek behind the scenes and watch mechanics showing off their impeccable skill while working on the vehicles.

For the first time, spectators also trooped into the Grandstand above to have a glimpse of the cars gracing the track.

Fans put on their earplugs and those lucky enough to be seated close to the trackside at the Padang Grandstand at Marina Bay witnessed the Formula One’s zoom past the amazing backdrop of the iconic City Hall and Supreme Court.
At the commencement of the race weekend, Daniel Ricciardo who is an Australian driver gave an immaculate performance. He came in with the third fastest times in the two race practice rounds.

Both Red-Bull Renault drivers were given a confidence boost beforehand with Ricciardo’s teammate Daniil Kvyat coming first in the second practice race.

After a sunny day with about 94 percent humidity, race fans found some consolation in the soothing breeze descending from the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia qualifying cars as they made their way round the circuit before their qualifying round later in that evening.

They were, however, no match for the power of the Formula One’s and as the sunset, the world’s best racers put on a spectacular show for the beginning of the race weekend.

Despite the threatening rain, the drivers managed to keep their dry-weather tyres for the two practice races as they travelled up to 85 metres a second around the circuit.

The Grammy Award winner Pharrell Williams lit up the Padang Stage by performing from Friday into the wee hours of Saturday.

As Pharrell Williams performed the songs ‘Blurred Lines,’ ‘Come Get it Bae,’ and ‘Happy,’ the overjoyed crowd followed suit while jumping and dancing at the same time. He was also joined on stage by N.E.R.D to reminisce on some classics.

As the on-track temperature increased towards 38 degrees and became unbearable to the spectators, they desperately searched for an escape from its scorching effect.

The 101-hectare park seemingly is not an ideal escape from the acrid temperature but the ample air-conditioned pavilion at the Gardens by Marina Bay has an indoor artificial waterfall misted by the hour.

In the interiors of the temperature-controlled dome, fans can comfortably walk around the stunning waterfall covered with flora and view the entire city.

It came after Thursday night’s entertainment which saw Boys in the Band and Australian quartet grace the Paddock Club lifestyle stage.
Popular musician, Matt Verevis from “The Voice” led the group to enthusiastically sing out Michael Jackson covers to motivate the crowd, at Marina Bay consisting of 2500 ballot winners.

As enthusiast wandered into the pit lane, the mechanics skillfully continued to work on the vehicles, despite the fact that some of them worked tirelessly overnight without rest to ensure the smooth running of the engines for Friday’s qualifying race.

Some drivers graced the field while most drivers were mentally preparing for their upcoming races. Someone like Max Verstappen who at 17-year-of-age is the youngest World Championship Driver in the history of the sport also graced the field.