Ambience is in the Clubhouse

Creating Ambiance at events, resorts, and clubs that speak to the location and what you want your guests to leave with.

Ambience is a sensitive creature. She demands that you present her in a flattering light, or she’ll throw a wrench in your entire event. Fickle as she is, she can make or break your venue. Chances are, when a guest says something vague like, “I don’t know…something was just-off-there,” it’s because the ambience didn’t match the venue.

As antiquated as the saying is, it still rings true:

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

So how do you create an environment that brands your venue, creates a welcoming atmosphere, and encourages repeat business?

Stick to what you’re known for, add variety later.

Guests want to feel satiated, pampered, and entertained. Often, they’re seeking a fantastical experience they can’t get at home. Whether your venue or event boasts beachy elegance by the sea, or urban-chic against the city skyline, every detail must line up under the selected theme, right down to the napkins.

There’s nothing wrong with a spin-off from tradition, but when it comes to creating a mood, operate from your blueprint.

You can’t create an “Evening of Wine and Jazz” and expect your downhome chili to be a big hit. Rock n’ roll, tacos, and beer are a good trio, but do they fit in to your Asian-fusion motif? If your venue boasts classic architecture set against a pristine lake, framed by exquisite sunsets your entertainment probably shouldn’t be a heavy metal band.

Guests should never leave your establishment confused about your brand.

Your venue and supporting events should represent a seamless greeting that says, “This is who we are, and we’re the best at it.”

Ambience. She’s moody, but she’s got your back.