Golf Wire’s Best Recommended Golf Apps

There is not a mobile app on the market that can get you to the Master, but there are some that can help shave some numbers off your golf score. Golf Wire has created a list of the best golf apps to help you improve your swing and your ball placement on the fairway. So the next time you’re out on the golf course be sure to have these apps downloaded.

Swing Smart. Developed by Golf Magazines Top 100 teachers, Peter Kostis. The app offers video tips to help correct your mistake and keeps track of your swing motion to give you a 3-D visual of your swing after your game. One of the more expensive apps on the market, Swing Smart costs $249 dollars but could potentially save you thousands on golf instructor payments.

Golf Rules is the perfect app for beginners or people who play with cheaters. No one wants to have to go into google and find several conflicting articles on a simple rule and end up twenty minutes arguing on the golf course. Golf Rules clears all those problems up and gives an accurate and clear reading of every rule in golf.

Golf Shot is the perfect GPS tracker for any course as it gives an accurate reading of the fairway and the exact yardage. It also selects the perfect club for you. It’s the perfect caddie, the only thing it can’t do is carry your clubs.

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