Boston’s best golf courses missing from 2024 Olympics bid

Questions abound about Boston’s readiness to host the 2024 Olympics — should it be tapped to do so — not the least of which is, where will Lydia Ko and her fellow Olympians play golf?

Boston, the U.S. city selected Thursday as the one that could stage the 2024 Olympic games, boasts a number of top golf courses. The problem is that, at this early stage of the process, none of them appears to be in the running to host potential Olympians Lydia Ko, Cheyenne Woods, or Rickie Fowler.

The Country Club in neighboring Brookline welcomed the 1999 Ryder Cup and would be an excellent venue for the ’24 games. Norton’s TPC Boston, site of the PGA Tour’s annual Deutsch Bank Championship, is some 35 miles from downtown, but would also make sense, especially since it so readily accommodates the thousands of fans who flow through the gates every Labor Day weekend.

With billions in private funds promised to construct and improve Boston’s infrastructure, athletic venue specifics are scant, dissent to hosting the Olympics is vocal, and the only course mentioned as a possible site for the games has been Franklin Park, which boosters concede would require a massive overhaul to become Olympics-ready.

Boston mayor Marty Walsh “said potential Olympic venues like Boston Common and the golf course at Franklin Park would also see an upgrade if Boston hosted the games,” according to the Boston Globe.

“‘Those all get restored to better than they were when we went in there,’” Walsh said. ‘There’s really an opportunity here.’”

With that in mind, here is a snapshot of some of the courses within the Boston metropolitan area that may or may not be under consideration in 2024:

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