The Most Challenging Sand Traps In Golf

Some like the challenge, others do not. Regardless of your view on sand traps, they are an interesting addition to the game of golf. Some may claim that their local golf course has the most difficult trap of them all, but they are wrong. Dead wrong in fact because there are sand traps out there that make the small bunker on your par three look like a welcoming patch of fairway.

The Devil’s Pit at Lahinch Golf Course

With sloping sides with a sand trap in the middle, The Devil’s Pit has an apt name. A ball that lands anywhere shy of the level ground will be sent rolling back down into the pit. Unlike most sand traps that allow the golfer an option to hit backward or sideways into safety, The Devil’s Pit offers no forgiveness, and the only way out is up.

Whistling Straits Golf Course

The bunkers at Whistling Straits are not on this list because of the quality but rather the immense quantity. More of a beach than a golf course, Whistling Straits boasts 1,000 bunkers. Landing on turf is a rarity here. Golfers come here to hit the links and end up spending the day at the beach, so get those sand wedges ready.

The Himalayan at Royal St. George

At 40 feet deep and 25 feet wide the Himalayan is a monster. I can only imagine the fear of any man whose ball finds its way into this trap. As an added difficulty, if your ball manages to skip across the sand long wooden planks will make sure it isn’t able to find its way to the fairway. A seldom few have been able to clear it over the top.

The Road Bunker at St. Andrews

No list would be complete without the inclusion of the Road Bunker on the 18th of St. Andrews. The most well-known sand trap on the tour, The Road Bunker has crushed many PGA dreams over the years. Most recently Rory McIlroy whose putt fell into it.

The Algarve at Krisirk Resort Golf Course, Aka The Nunca Sera

A mad man designed this sand trap. Big enough to be considered a small beach it has been documented as the largest sand trap ever built. If your ball lands to deep inside, there is a snowball’s chance in hell of making it over the top.