Contemporary Museum’s New Under 40’s Group Continues to Grow

In November, 2013 we shared the opportunity Private Club Marketing and CEO Zack Bates had been presented to assist in launch of an under 40’s membership at the OC Museum of Art. With an diverse, hand selected, group of twelve founding members, the membership had doubled in size in the first month and doubled again to over 50 by the January 2014.

The museum, thus far, has hosted 5 events; 2 at the museum (with guided tours with the chief curator) and 3 vip trips to Los Angeles and Orange County galleries and exhibitions.

Each founding member has been tasked with inviting 2 members by end of 2014 to continue to grow the membership. With frequent communication from the museum, both with mailed invitations to events and email updates, the museum has made the process for growth simple and streamlined.

Stay tuned for more details on the growth and success of the OC Museum of Art’s Under 40, Contemporaries membership.














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