Don’t turn your Members into Scrooges

This always puzzled us as to why some clubs send out their Employee Holiday Fund requests at the same time as their Annual Dues Increase letters. Our hourly staff works their tails off all year only to be overshadowed by the oncoming dues increase. As many members know there is an annual 2-4% increase, it still is not a fun reality to face. I believe this may dampen members willingness to give. We asked clubs how they overcame this annual hurdle and what steps they took to safeguard their employees.

“We send a separate letter about the holiday fund in the beginning of November. Approximately one-third of our membership contribute. Our year-end letter, which outlines the dues increase, goes out the last week of December.” said Maria Esposito, Director of Membership, Saucon Valley Country Club

“Our dues increase letter goes out in mid-October, thus the new dues take effect Nov. 1. We insert the Holiday Fund Contribution return card in the Oct. 31 statements. Cheers to all for a happy and safe holiday season!” Added Gail Grady, The Wisconsin Club

Has your clubs come up with another way to approach this?