Food, Fun and Community


Story By Audrey Cleo Yap | Photos by Jake Ahles

Tucked next to a gourmet doughnut store and an Australian coffee shop on Wilshire Boulevard, through a door that requires a key code that leads you down a short hallway that empties out at another door (also needs a key code), you’ll find, well, a parking lot. Exit and lean left, and you’ll see a staircase that leads to an elevator that leads to, after some more mildly labyrinthian navigating, a tri-level live-work space with an outdoor rooftop deck that overlooks downtown Santa Monica to the right and the new Proper Hotel across the street. There’s a fire pit in the center, primed for whittling away summer evenings over bottles of rosé. A chef’s kitchen on the main level. Various nooks and crannies are meticulously decorated with on-trend geometric print throw pillows, and a wall of hanging plants adds to an air of general chill. Welcome to Stage + Table.

Haven’t heard of it? That’s not surprising, given the generally opaque ways private invite-only social clubs operate, where knowing about one, even in passing, is just the beginning of becoming a full-fledged member.

The application process to one can be involved, to say the least. Soho House,
the international members-only club with local outposts in West Hollywood and Malibu, requires names and contact information of two current members (“proposers”). A former membership director once said the club has rejected every Real Housewife who has applied.