Get to Know A Golf Course Like the Back of Your Hand

Johnny Miller, who was so accurate he asked his caddies to give him the pin distance in half yards has developed a GPS glove. The Zero Friction Distance Pro is a GPS monitor the size of a matchbox that rests on the back of a golf glove. Linked to an app, the Zero Friction Distance Pro gives an accurate reading of the distance between you and the pin at all times. There is no need to recalibrate for each hole; the GPS knows where you are and gives an accurate reading from any distance. Unlike other GPS systems the Zero Friction Distance Pro is incredibly functional, and instead of getting out a range finder and looking at the course map, a golfer can find out everything he needs to know by looking at the back of his hand. Johnny Miller is not just a spokesperson for the Zero Friction Distance Pro, he is a part owner and ensures that the quality is always up to his standards.

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