Leveraging Social Media’s Visual Reach

Leverage the visual nature of resorts and private clubs on Social Media by posting more visual content to their current Social Media profiles and setting up accounts on platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr if they have the resources to manage these accounts and keep content fresh. To maximize visual assets, a property should leverage its current relationships.

Leveraging partners

The partners your catering team works with to plan perfect meetings and events can be valuable partners to help your property build out its Social Media presence.  Turn offline relationships with photographers, videographers, decorators and caterers into online relationships by following partners on Social Media platforms, and asking them to follow back. Let them know your property is interested in cross-promoting their services if they can provide photos or videos from events at yours.

Leveraging Members and Guests

Members and Guests are already taking fabulous photos of their time on property, and many of them are already sharing those photos on Social Media. Connect with them to get access to these photos and turn the property’s social profiles into vivid networks that show off guest’s memories and inspire followers. Encourage them to connect with you and share their photos with on-property flyers, post-visit emails, and promotions, such as Facebook or Pinterest contests.

Getting the staff involved

Each member of the staff sees a unique snapshot of the property each day. Get them involved in taking photos that show off interesting details, nice views in or around the property, or special moments. Staff members can send their photos to the marketing manager, who can share the photos on different networks. Posting those photos gives different viewpoints of the property, and crediting the staff members paints a picture for customers who get to see the property in a personal way and feel connected to the people who make their visits into brilliant experiences on and offline.

By leveraging these relationships and embracing the visual nature of social media, every club and resort can make their Social Media profiles picture perfect.

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