Make Intrigue and Inside Jokes Part of your Regular Round: the new choice trend that’s taking over friendly golf games

There is something special about the experience of meeting dear friends in the early morning for a round of golf. The fog, the crisp air, the dewy grass that hisses and steams a bit as the morning sunlight hits. Getting to spend time out on any course with the people you care about is one of life’s gifts, but the joy is amplified when you decide to add a little friendly intrigue to your regular game. recently named this fun addition to your friendly round of course play as one of nine top fan favorite add-on games to play concurrently with a round of golf. Maybe you’ve heard of “round robin” before? Well, it’s so last-century compared to 2016’s version of an intriguing side game. 666 has been called the devil’s number, so we can’t promise exactly what shenanigans you and your friends will get into if you choose to play this trending side-action affair, known as “6-6-6.”

Here’s how it works:

  • Within your foursome of players, partner match-ups rotate every six holes.
  • Each hole is usually worth two points, but any scoring format divisible by six will work.
  • Each six-hole third of the course makes up a separate bet.
  • By the end of the game, each player will be matched with every other player, as both a partner and an opponent.
  • Let the alliance-making, inside-joking, and light-hearted backstabbing begin.

Here’s why it’s so compelling:

It’s good for ice-breaking and bonding, as well as introducing new excitement to a longtime foursome. New acquaintances will open-up fast when paired with a partner and a common goal. Similarly, old friends tend to keep the same partner match-ups out of habit. Mix things up and watch the tone of your regular friendly game evolve. And lastly, as T.J. Auclair, Senior Interactive Producer for tells it: “Admittedly, this is one of my favorite games to play on the course. It keeps things interesting. You might get slaughtered for six holes, but then you have 12 holes to make that all up.”