You Might Need This… Masters 2018

Sometimes you just need a pre-drafted excuse to skip your job, school, family, general obligations to watch what might be the best Masters Tournament ever!

Feel free to copy and paste at your leisure.


To whom is may concern,

Please excuse XXX from work/school/general activities on Thursday, April 5 & Friday, April 6 as he/she/they will be watching the most anticipated Masters of all time.

Tiger’s back, Rory’s going for the career grand slam, Phil could become the oldest to ever win a green jacket, etc etc etc…

You get it, right?


Insert your name here


Private Club Marketing takes no responsibility for the repercussions resulting from sending such communications as above to employers, coworkers, clients, family, friends, clergy, wives, small children, husbands, LinkedIn requests, or any breathing being (including ex-spouses).