Pardon Me…? Accept Facebook Fans Who Have Good Taste

Pardon me… Do you have any sophistication? The premium condiment brand — returning after a long quiet period — is again focusing its marketing on good taste, but this time consumers have to qualify for it —with a campaign from Crispin Porter + Bogusky themed “The Society of Good Taste.”

A major part of the initial work is a Facebook campaign that allows only “classy” people to “LIKE” their brand’s Facebook page. “Fans of the brand are asked to apply for membership to the Society on the Grey Poupon Facebook page, where an algorithm will then determine whether or not they ‘cut the mustard,’ ” the brand says.

Sara Braun, marketing director at Kraft Foods says, “Most brands are eager to accumulate fan “likes” on Facebook, but our product is willing to turn away potential customers whose tastes, specified in their online preferences, did not meet its standards.”

As always with these things, the algorithm is murky—and surely more than a little fallible. But it’s the thought that counts. The brand says the algorithm “will search and judge users’ profiles based on their proper use of grammar, art taste, restaurant check-ins, books read and movie selections, to name a few. If the algorithm detects poor taste in music or TXT speak, for example, they could be rejected for membership. Those who do not qualify in the upper percentile will have their ‘like’ deleted, and be asked to refine their profile before trying again.”

A clever way to offer incentives and get your audience engaged in your social media brand. I used the app and was deemed to have 90 percent good taste, which is enough for membership—and probably would have scored higher had I not gone and liked this.