Private Club Marketing Welcomes Luxury Cinematographers to Team

Private Club Marketing is excited to announce Luxury Cinematographers Ryan Southwell and John Stephens to our creative team. Ryan and John’s experience producing content for luxury weddings all over the world attracted the attention of The Ritz Carlton Hotels, LLC in 2012 to produce ‘The Art of the Craft’ series – featuring the individuals who provide extraordinary services to make memorable experiences at Ritz Carlton properties across the globe.

“Ryan and John’s backgrounds working with exclusive properties enhances the offerings of Private Club Marketing’s services to further assist in attracting and retaining our client’s customers, members and guests,” said Private Club Marketing CEO Zack Bates. “The ability to create a sense of nostalgia before someone even sets foot on-site is a great way to establish a positive first impression,” continued Bates.

As web and social media have become the first impression of customers in the hospitality industry for reservations, events and membership inquiries, professionally produced stories through videos are a communication channel that many properties should take advantage of with scalable ROI.

See some of John’s work below:

You can checkout more ‘Art of the Craft’ videos at