Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club’s New Membership Attractive for Younger Members

Al Castro, Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club’s General Manager, appeared before the RSF Association Board on May 2 to request an additional 10 memberships for the Junior Executive membership category, once the club fills its first 10 memberships – and it’s filling quickly!

AlCastroApproved by the RSF Association in January, the Junior Executive membership allows new members to spread their $50,000 initiation fee into installments before they reach age 48. The maximum installment period is 10 years, but many of the new members are in their early 40s, so they are spreading out the fees for three to six years. These members still pay annual dues and are assessed the same dues as regular memberships.

“It really does provide an opportunity for younger members to join [the club] sooner rather than later,” Castro said. “It’s been really well received. The junior executives are playing a lot more golf, bringing their kids in for lessons. The whole family has really gotten behind the category.”

Castro also reported that the former resident member category is also doing well, with 29 members now enrolled. Members in that category pay a premium of 10 percent over regular dues and pay the full debt service assessment.