Spa Enhancements

Spas have quickly become key attractions and revenue sources for the hospitality industry for a variety of reasons. The public want to relax and have diversions when they come to a property and spa services are easily at the top of a list since they are something that everyone can enjoy and benefit from. While activities included in outdoor facilities such as golf and tennis may be appropriate for some visitors, everyone can enjoy a massage! Moreover, spa services are usually offered at a premium and generate healthy ROI’s for operators.

There are many considerations when installing or renovating an existing facility and perhaps the most important is to begin with the end in mind: menu of spa services. What do you plan on offering in terms of treatments and too whom? Will there be an exercise facility as well? The layouts of treatment and relaxation rooms, changing areas, unisex and co-ed areas, will all have a direct impact on traffic patterns and the massive plumbing and electrical considerations. Privacy issues are extremely important as well, allowing for separation of guests in robes versus street clothing, and men and woman if not co-ed in all areas.

Sense of place is another factor to consider. Some operators will frequently want to their facility to be a reflection of the local environment while others will want to import the charm of a Turkish hamam or Russian bathhouse. Not all spas are spaces of serenity, but could in fact be more vibrant and be centered around workouts including Pilates and weight-training, offering sports massage and various stimulating packages. It’s all doable with proper planning and execution!

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