The Billionaire’s Calendar: November in Abu Dhabi

What does a billionaire do when they have free time? You either know from experience, or you don’t. You may know that Abu Dhabi in The United Arab Emirates, however, has just recently become one of the wealthiest cities on the planet, and has also become invested in a major luxury tourism push in recent years. This gorgeous coastal hub along the Persian Gulf is a veritable playground for those locals and travelers in the Middle East that appreciate luxury, cultural depth, and especially spectacle. With Abu Dhabi being home to such manmade wonders as the world’s fastest roller coaster and planned future sights like Guggenheim and Louvre museums, gone are the days when culture-hungry elites in the UAE have to head to Dubai to get their fix of excitement and luxury.

A New State-of-the-Art Stadium

Perhaps one of the most popular upgrades this Emerald City lookalike has seen in the last decade, is the addition of the stately Yas Marina Circuit — the grand and state-of-the-art racing stadium designed to be the home of the Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix. More than 70 cities have played host to a Grand Prix Formula One racing event in the last several decades. And with locations like Casablanca, Rio de Janiero, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Monte Carlo, and others holding court, you won’t be surprised that a luxury travel-oriented city like Abu Dhabi is one of the most recent to add itself to the Grand Prix calendar, and therefore, the “billionaire’s calendar.”

This annual Abu Dhabi Grand Prix event draws over 40,000 spectators to take in the excitement and spectacle of the surroundings. In addition to the luxe, beyond world-class hotels, resorts, palaces and accommodations available to those who can afford them, the formula one racing lineup fills up the dates of November 25th, 26th, and 27th with events featuring the greatest drivers and the greatest cars in the world.

Speaking of the greatest cars in the world…

How many billionaires do you know of who are happy sitting back and doing things the normal way? In addition to watching the planned racing events and luxury atmosphere, those with the funds to access them can purchase once in a lifetime experiences, like [riding as a passenger] in custom racing vehicles, including those built by Aston Martin, Supersport, Drift Taxi, Jaguar, F-series, and Mercedes AMG.

Are you a passenger in life, or are you a driver?

Those who are not content with merely riding passenger in some of the greatest, fastest vehicles in the world can shell out a bit more petty cash and get themselves into the [driver’s seat].  Mercedes fans will be particularly elated to step behind the wheel of divine specimens like the Mercedes-AMG GTS with over 500 horsepower, or the Mercedes-AMG E63 hot rod drag racer.