The Incredible Women’s Only Members’ Club You Need On Your Radar

By Lottie Hulme

London is positively brimming with private members’ clubs; from The Century Club discreetly tucked away behind Shaftesbury Avenue and Quo Vadis housed in a former brothel, to Annabel’s – the ultimate pin-up girl when it comes to a place to escape to, membership in hand. But have you heard of Fiena (and if not, why not?) Taking the female networking arena by storm, Fiena seeks to subvert the norm and swap cocktail sipping with a range of adventure rooted experiences – from golf and astrology to penthouse parties and co-working.

 Throwing open its metaphorical doors in 2017, The Fiena Members Club is the best friend of the millennial female, introducing a rebel spirit to the ladies of London, New York and Dubai.

From our lives being spiced up by the Spice Girls, viva-ing forever, to the Suffragettes holding signs up high to secure us the vote, it has been proven throughout history that once determined gals get together, the unattainable can be achieved.

On the subject of famous names, Fiena is no stranger. The members’ club, whose hashtag #iamfiena is spreading like wildfire, is a favourite amongst female Olympians, DJs and CEO’s, all of which congregate across a variety of venues to let the diversity of their friendships open up new doors of business, in a Cindy Lauper ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ kinda way. Take eco-fashion brand owner Saher who joined Fiena to “do business with girls she can have a laugh with!”