This is the best Place to Watch the US Open

I am sure you’ve always wondered why celebrity photos from the US Open always seem like all the famous people sat together… Well, they do.

The USTA President’s Box is unarguably the nicest place to sit at Arthur Ashe Stadium, and the guest list at the 2016 Opening Night ceremony demonstrated it: Anna Wintour, Alec Baldwin, Debra Messing, Emeril Lagasse, Flavia Pennetta, James Blake, Jewel, Leslie Odom Jr., Martina Navratilova, and Vera Wang were part of the high-flying attendees.

Mind you, USTA officials are silent about the area, but here’s what we were able to discover:

Males are required put on a jacket and tie.

Sitting in the USTA President’s Box is strictly by invitation, and it contains access to some of the best seats in the stadium.

Guests are received in the box by USTA Chairman Katrina Adams during a cocktail hour, and they are afterwards served dinner.

As a courtesy to the USTA’s 17 allied clubs, also known as Sections, the USTA assigns each regional club some seats “to appreciate them for the good work they do to further USTA’s mission to develop the sport.”

Before it is too late, if you know anyone with connections to the USTA or one of its sections, place the call, or else, you’ll be enjoying your game on one of the regular $500 seats.