This New Manhattan Members Club is Justin Timberlake–and Tiger Woods–Approved

Nexus Club New York is making us rethink that whole Groucho Marx thing.


If you thought the members-club model had already reached critical mass (we certainly did), you might be wrong. Of course, there are the Soho Houses and the Ivy League alumni clubs, the clubs for creatives, the clubs for women, and even the clubs for debauchers (we’re looking at you Playboy Club) but now there’s a club that might just outdo them all.

There’s the usual membership-club perks here: Meeting rooms for the business-minded, a restaurant with fabulous cuisine and a stellar wine collection, a chic lounge where the people are as pretty as the cocktails. But two additional elements take the lifestyle experience to the next level: a holistic wellness center and family services. The former, the Nexus Wellness Collective, includes everything from a 7,800-square-foot fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment and two studios for private workouts and classes to a spa with five treatment rooms, a hair salon and a cryotherapy chamber. The latter includes a daycare center just off the café and a Dylan’s Candy Bar (adults can indulge, too, of course).