What’s the Big Deal with First Impressions?

By: Barbara T. Armstrong, Contributor “original post 8/23/12 Forbes.com

This is a post written by Douglas Nysse, at Kahler Slater, a global architecture and design enterprise. A firm principal and award-winning designer, Doug heads the Hospitality Team, leading the work with world-class hotel companies and luxury resorts, including The American Club, Marriott International, and Hilton Worldwide. Doug was born and bred in Wellington, New Zealand. By the age of 16, he had traveled extensively—and experienced myriad hotels and resorts—while accompanying his father, a globe-trotting executive, on his business travels.

Smart hospitality leaders know one thing for sure: a great guest experience begins with a great first impression. And according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, hotels everywhere are energizing their efforts to “dazzle guests during the first, crucial 15 minutes of their stay—or at least avoid annoying them.” Yet great first impressions shouldn’t be confined to hotels. They should exist in every environment. This includes hospitals, schools, stadiums, retail outlets, and corporate offices. [+ Read]