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VIP Guide To The Monaco Yacht Show

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Top notch tips to help you as a Yacht owner at the upcoming 2016 Monaco Yacht Show to enjoy your time to the fullest as the show is coming up in less than two weeks time.

Since the show's inception in 1991, MYS has gone from just being pleasure boats parade to being a platform for high-end brands to display their products in the face of a captivated audience of yacht owners and magnificence consumers.

Contained by the show itself is an extensive range of brands offering inspiration on anything from interior furnishings to liquors and the hottest champagnes to stash in your onboard drinks cabinet.
Also present is the smorgasbord of attractions in Monaco itself, from haute couture and jewellery boutiques to an array of fine dining restaurants and exclusive bars, to the world famous Monte Carlo Casino. And for an excellent reason, this is why the place is called a Millionaires’ playground.

Where to shop:
In Monaco, you are sure to find every luxury retail designer – The glitter of Cartier and Van Cleef, the aromas of Davidoff and Dior, the style of Valentino and Gucci. The centre of luxury shopping is the renowned Cercle d’Or, while another home to stores includes the galleries of the Métropole Shopping Centre, the AlléesLumières, and the Fontvieille Shopping Centres.

Where to eat:
Of all the renowned cuisine names to ply their trade in Monte Carlo, perhaps the most eminent of them all is Joel Robuchon, owner of an amazing 26 Michelin stars across the world. For an exquisite state of the art dining experience, you should visit his restaurant in the Hotel Metropole. Guests can enjoy refreshments on the restaurant’s terrace while taking pleasure in a view over the lively streets of Monte Carlo and Port Hercules Marina.

Where to party:
The Monaco institution; is a sophisticated mix of piano bar and disco Living Room. Their dress code is strict, and the club doesn’t kick off until midnight or thereabout when the resident DJs begins to do their thing. Music is diverse, and there is a good food menu alongside a heated, year-round terrace.


Get Inspired:
Without the luxury trimmings, a superyacht is nothing!!! This is where the Monaco Yacht Show comes into its own, offering a stunning collection of luxury stuff that will supplement your yacht and the experience enjoyed by its guests. Champagne brand Lanson is going to be at Monaco this year, hopefully, to persuade yacht owners that theirs is the tipple to serve on-board.

Beyond a doubt, the best-represented luxury sector will be interior brands – it is barely a bombshell given how the fitting out of a yacht’s interior is such big trade. Some of the companies exhibiting in Monaco will include: Guarda Marbles & Stones, Boutsen Design, Crystal Caviar and Club Pierre Brochard.

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