The average email open rate for a private club is 26% – 32%. What’s more interesting is that many clubs use email marketing as their main marketing and communication tool, often sending out more than 3 emails a week, with the long term effect of losing your subscribers. Why would we focus most of our marketing efforts to alienate 75% of our members?

Private Club Marketing offers scalable email marketing solutions to:

  • Increases read rates
  • Reduces the amount of emails your club needs to send
  • Grow your Member subscriber base

Private Club Marketing offered email marketing solutions including:

  • Custom Email Newsletter Design
  • Fully Managed Population and Distribution
  • Keep your communication PRIVATE by driving Members back to your website
  • Tracking and Reporting

In turn, these all increase attendance at events and maximizes club usage by your Members. Your entire team becomes more efficient because Private Club Marketing designs and distributes your email communication for you. Best of all, with our long standing relationships with your website provider, like; ClubEssential, Members First and Jonas, we drive your email traffic back to your website!

Sample Emails:

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