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Golf Clubs With the Best Social Media Presence

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From excellent photography and historical images to club announcements and celebrity engagement, these are the golf clubs with the best social media presence.

Golfers as a group tend to be rather obsessive about their sport. And can you blame them? Recreational golfers spend their free hours taking in the fresh air, vibrant green landscapes, invigorating exercise, and a couple of drinks with friends at the “nineteenth hole.” Many club members’ happy place is out on the greens, and some smart club administrators are keying into this desire always to stay connected to the feeling of getting in a weekend round. By cultivating a compelling social media presence, these clubs can keep their current and potential members continually engaged with their voice and message via particularly well-run social media channels.

Which courses have the best social media presence, and what are they doing to achieve it? posed the question to its Facebook group (with a current fan base of nearly 400,000 likes) as part of its weekly program, “A Quick Nine.”  Some of the answers are no-brainers, but some may surprise you.


Kapalua Golf Club


Kapalua Golf Club (@GolfatKapalua) in Lahaina, Hawaii

Offering picturesque vistas of the nearby Pacific Ocean, this former host of the Tournament of Champions reportedly is a champion at using Twitter to grow its following. reader Anders Haukoos mentioned that the incredible wealth of photos shared on the course’s Twitter page keeps him coming back for more, as well as the inclusive attitude. He prided the organization on re-tweeting both professional players as well as regular people like himself.


st. andrews links


St. Andrews Links (@TheHomeofGolf) in St. Andrews, Scotland

As the birthplace of golf, you’d think St. Andrews would get a pass to sit back and let players come to them. However, they are always working on their online presence. As one follower notes, the golf course is always sending out hourly updates on the conditions of the course. For those who are fans of history, they also tweet out about the historical significance of the course.


bandon dunes

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort (@BandonDunesGolf) in Bandon, Or

Bandon Dunes Resort offers breathtaking holes and exceptional resort amenities. The rugged Oregon Coast backdrop is the perfect setting for photos, and their social media accounts take advantage of their guests’ pictures of frequently sharing and re-tweeting them as well as religiously responding to guests’ comments on social media.



august national


Augusta National Golf Club (@TheMasters) in Augusta, Ga

This top-ranked golf course is a worldwide favorite for its magnificent landscape architecture and meticulous upkeep. It turns out that obsession with detail extends over into their social media presence. In fact, Augusta was overwhelmingly the number one response to’s poll. Respondents reported that their artistic photos showcase the true beauty of golf and also lauded their free streaming of the Masters Tournaments.

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