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Golf Snapchat Accounts You Should Be Following

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As more and more people and companies in the golfing space have started making noise about Snapchat, we at Private Club Marketing have curated a list of accounts you should be following.

With golf looking for more ways to attract a younger demographic Snapchat's platform is perfect for getting your message out to the loyal young followers of your club and course.

Naturally, we decided to jump on and find out what the fuss was all about.

It’s fun, simple, visual and addictive. What’s more, it’s unlike any other social platform. It is unrehearsed and offers behind the scenes insight into the daily lives of golfers that the other platforms can’t replicate.

It feels very private and in the moment. This is what makes it so good. It’s also what makes it hard to find decent accounts to follow. Snapchat has no account discovery function. It’s not designed to be a viral platform. Unless you know who to follow, it will be a ghost town for you.

Here’s a list of the best we've found make sure you check them out, and let us know if we should add anyone to the list.


Username: privateclubs

Checkout our antics at our private golf, yacht and country club client's properties, as well as what's happening in our offices in Newport Beach, CA.

Bubba Watson

Username: thebubbawatson

Now you can see all the crazy antics of ‘Bubba being Bubba’ through his live Snapchat channel.   We all now Bubba isn’t shy about posting some funny and crazy things on social, so all this does is gives Watson another platform to make us laugh.

Rickie Fowler

Username: rickiefowler15

KING. Best golfing account on Snapchat, period.

Michelle Wie

Username: themichellewie

Tour life. Lots of action before and after on course.

Zack Bates

Username: ZackBatess

CEO at Private Club Marketing. Country Clubs, Golf, Putting, Cocktails, Gentlemanly things.

Angelo Giantsopoulos

Username: angelo_g13

Angelo is a junior golfer aiming to play college golf. He posts updates on the road at tournaments and daily life.

Bombtech Golf

Username: bombtechgolf

New to Snapchat, Bombtech post behind the scenes in their factory, at the gym and hitting lots of balls

Bryan Brothers Golf

Username: bryanbrosgolf

As with many other Snapchatters, lots of behind the scenes of the trickshot brothers daily life on the tour and travelling for sponsors etc

Callaway Golf

Username: callawaysnaps

Photo shoots with tour players, tour life, behind the scenes at headquarters. Everything you would expect from Callaway

Carlos Tercero

Username: c4rlost3rc3ro

Carlos is another junior golfer from Mexico looking to play college golf. Snaps daily, usually on the course.

Cart Barn Guys

Username: cartbarnguys

There username explains it all… they snap their daily lives out on course. Sometimes funny.

Danny Lee

Username: dannylol0724

Must be the one of the funniest guys on tour. I love his Snapchat account. I laugh at most updates be posts.

Golf Channel

Username: golfchannel

Self explanatory, lots of golf.

Golf Digest

Username: golfdigestmag

Golf Digest are great on Snapchat. They get it. New equipment, photo shoots etc.

Golf News Net

Username: golfnewsnet

Ryan Ballangee from Golf News Net snaps a little less frequently, when he does it’s generally good.

Hunting Scratch

Username: huntingscratch

Of course you should be following us. Lots of behind the scenes of daily life and on course action.

Justin Thomas

Username: jlthomas34

Another tour account. Justin’s is a lot like Rickie Fowler’s.

Mark Crossfield

Username: askgolfguru

Youtube Pro. Regular posts on daily life. New to Snapchat

Matthew Cooke

Username: cookematthew500

Great coach posting his thoughts on the game and with students.

Matthew Lockey

Username: coachlockey

Another Youber. Fun account to follow.

Matty D

Username: md_18undapar

Another junior golfer. Matty’s account is funny, he raps, plays golf, is also growing in prominence on YouTube.

Me and My Golf

Username: meandmygolf

Youtube Pros. Behind the scenes look into daily life for these coaches.

Mike Granato Golf

Username: mikegranatogolf

Golf coach. Informative and interesting.

Paige Spiranac

Username: paige_spiranac

Enough said.

PGA Tour

Username: pgatoursnaps

New to Snapchat. Everything you would expect from PGA Tour.


Username: pingtour

Irregular snappers. Good content when they do post.

Rick Shiels

Username: rickshielspga

Youtuber. Posts less than the others. When he does post, it’s behind the scenes content.

Scottish Golf Podcast

Username: scottishgolfpodcast

Podcast from Scotland. Good Snapchat game when they post.

Stephanie Wei

Username: stephwei

Golf reporter, following the PGA tour. Good behind the scenes content.

Ryan Ruffels

Username: ryan_ruffels

Just turned pro, competing on the PGA Tour trying to earn his full time card for the 2017 season.

Under Armour

Username: underarmour

Irregular snappers. Worth a follow still.

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