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An Interim Membership Professional can help your private club stay on track, productive and generating profitable revenue – and here are a few benefits you should consider.

Avoid Performance Gaps

Your Membership or Marketing Manager resigns – and that means months of searching to find the right person for the job. And that also means months of no one focused on marketing. Missed opportunities. Lower productivity.

The solution? Hiring an experienced Interim Membership Marketing Professional that can step in, take charge and making sure the performance remains high.

Save Money by Not Hiring a FTE

Do you really need a full time Membership Director for the entire year? Or could an Interim Membership Marketing Professional with decades of experience step into establish a sales strategy for the year. Depending on your club, that Interim Membership Professional could work with your leadership team and membership committee to create your annual sales and marketing strategy in a couple months. Then, you can have your own very competent membership coordinator, who is less expensive, manage the execution of the strategy for the rest of the year.

Increase Bandwidth When Opportunities Demand It

You’re facing extraordinary challenges or a tremendous opportunity – and you can turn to an experienced Interim Membership Marketing Professional to step in and temporarily increase bandwidth at the executive level. One common example is when the Interim Membership Professional works in tandem with the full time Membership Director to get things done lie strategic planning, branding and marketing campaigns, etc., at a key time for the club.

Get Highly Experienced Executives for a Fraction of the Price

It costs a lot of money to hire an experienced and proven membership professional to take your club to the next level. Factor in the headhunter commission, the signing bonus, competitive salary and benefits, and the costs can add up. The alternative is to hire an interim professional to do the same thing but without a lot of the expense. An Interim Membership Marketing Professional who has a proven track record or growing a top private members’ club by several multiples in revenue can be hired on quickly and not require the benefits, and finders fees associated with a headhunting firm.

The Special Bonus of an Experienced Interim Membership Marketing Professional

An Interim Membership Marketing Professional with decades of experience working with a variety of private clubs across several categories (resorts, yacht, city, golf and country clubs) will bring to your table the ability to learn fast, make an immediate and positive impact – and can share best practices that will bring your business to new levels faster than a less experienced marketing professional can.

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Private Club Marketing, recognized as Platinum Clubs of America‘s preferred Membership Marketing Firm, is a luxury marketing, branding and membership sales consulting firm specializing in private clubs, golf communities, resort destinations, boutique hotels, estates and unique lifestyle environments. We help Developers, Owners, Financial Institutions, and Management Companies make big decisions on envisioning, strategy, marketing, sales, and organization.

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