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Private Club Marketing Transforms Newport Beach Country Club: A Case Study in Success

Challenge: Reinvigorate Newport Beach Country Club as a traditional golf club and attract a wider range of members.

Solution: Private Club Marketing led a comprehensive membership strategy, marketing, and sales effort throughout the construction and club development of a state-of-the-art clubhouse at NBCC.


  • Membership Growth: 1500 new members joined, representing a 600% increase.
  • Revenue Generation: Over $25 million in new membership sales.
  • Increased Value: Membership initiation fees rose by over 900%.
  • Waitlist Created: Demand surged, with a waiting list replacing the previous membership sales challenge.

The Strategy:

Private Club Marketing recognized the potential to transform Newport Beach Country Club beyond a pure golf experience for it's members. They spearheaded a vision for a full-service, family-friendly membership with a focus on:

  • Broadened Amenities: Fitness, aquatics, dining, and banquet facilities catered to a wider range of member interests.
  • California Coastal Appeal: The new 56,000-square-foot clubhouse embraced a casual-sophisticated design, featuring:
    • California Coastal Craftsman style
    • Native plant materials
    • Stone and wood architecture
    • Panoramic ocean views through floor-to-ceiling windows
    • Verandas and patios for an indoor-outdoor feel

Member Feedback:

  • Open and Welcoming Atmosphere: Floor-to-ceiling windows and natural materials created a light, airy space.
  • Sustainable Design: Energy-efficient features and water conservation practices aligned with member values.
  • Renewed Enthusiasm: The new clubhouse fostered a sense of community and excitement for the club's future.


Private Club Marketing's strategic approach to membership development, marketing, and sales, coupled with the exceptional new clubhouse, resulted in a remarkable transformation for Newport Beach Country Club. The club not only expanded its membership base but also significantly increased its value proposition.

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