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On The Court: 23 Signs you are A Serious Tennis Player

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For the Love of the Game


  1. A whole section of your closet is dedicated to your tennis clothes.
  2. On a professional level, you are knowledgeable about all the stats of the top 10 male and female players.
  3. You're a member of the USTA.
  4. Your tan lines are awkward after playing tennis outside. There is nothing cool about a tennis polo shirt and sock tan.
  5. You are glued to your TV all day watching and enjoying the Tennis Channel.
  6. Each time you're stuck on the court and you ask yourself “What would Serena do?” you conquer on.
  7. You are superstitious regarding the number of times you bounce the ball before you serve.
  8. You specifically named your strong go-to shot, mine is the “Mikiller cross court forehand”.
  9. As a matter of fact, you prefer the court surface. Team #hardcourt.
  10. Your version of the Oscars is the US Open.
  11. Slamming your racquet feels so good even when you know quite well you shouldn't be doing so.
  12. Each time you break a string, it is an indication that you're playing a strong game.
  13. The best smell in the world is a can of fresh new tennis balls.
  14. You get mad whenever you are playing against a “marshmallow hitter” or “pusher” (AKA opponent that gets EVERYTHING back).
  15. To you, the ultimate high on the courtyard is being in “the zone”.
  16. Rather than clubbing on a Friday night, you would be seen playing “Queen of the Court”.
  17. Callouses are all over your hand, and you really think it is super sexy.
  18. Whenever you hear the term “tiebreaker”, you have a mini anxiety attack.
  19. When it comes to what kind of racket you use, you aren’t going to change as you are a brand loyalist.
  20. You know the word “bagels” isn't just a breakfast item, but it actually means beating someone 6-0, 6-0 in tennis.
  21. You feel great pressure during match point, and nothing can be compared to that feeling.
  22. Your backyard, all over your home and your car is always littered with tennis ball.
  23. Nothing else ruins your day as much as a double fault.


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