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Platinum Clubs of America announces Preferred Partnership with Private Club Marketing

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Discover Excellence: Platinum Clubs of America's Prestigious Partnership with Private Club Marketing. Explore the Legacy, Innovation, and Unparalleled Expertise of Platinum Clubs in the World of Exclusive Private Members' Clubs.

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Platinum Clubs of America stands as the pinnacle of distinction, showcasing the elite 5% of exclusive private members’ clubs globally. We are thrilled to announce our latest esteemed partnership with Private Club Marketing, Inc.

Dennis W. Burns, the Executive Director at Club Leaders Forum, enthusiastically elaborates, “Our meticulously curated roster of Platinum Clubs is ceaselessly seeking innovative ways to enhance member communication, stimulate referrals, and amplify overall value. We are proud to join forces with Private Club Marketing, a distinguished and forward-thinking Membership and Marketing Consulting firm of national repute.”

Private Club Marketing wholeheartedly champions the vision of Platinum Clubs of America and Platinum Clubs of the World. Through peer evaluation, nomination, and rigorous voting, the highest echelons of private clubs secure their rightful places. Zack Bates, the Founder of Private Club Marketing, expresses his enthusiasm, stating, “Our alliance with Platinum Clubs of America and Platinum Clubs of the World is a source of immense pride. Our journey has been nurtured by introductions from Members of the numerous Platinum Clubs we've had the privilege to collaborate with. We eagerly anticipate upholding shared values that foster opportunities and celebrate the essence of tradition alongside Platinum Clubs of America and its distinguished portfolio of properties.”

Don Emery, CCM, General Manager at Pacific Palisades, CA, extends a warm welcome to our latest preferred partner, Private Club Marketing, stating, “Having worked with Zack Bates and his team in the past, I can attest that Platinum Clubs has chosen an unparalleled membership and marketing ally.”

The Legacy of Platinum Status:

Platinum status has been the most revered recognition in the private club industry since the franchise was established in 1997 by John R. Sibbald. Over the years, with input from the Club Leaders Forum Advisory Board, the Seven Selection Criteria have been updated to be relevant and adapt to changing times in the industry. Platinum status is awarded in five categories: Country Clubs, Golf, City, Athletic, and Yacht Clubs. Click here to view the most recent list.

About Platinum Clubs of America:

For over two decades, the assemblage of minds responsible for electing Platinum Clubs of America has remained constant. Esteemed figures from CMAA Managers, Club Presidents, and owners convene biennially, endorsing the finest Private Clubs in the nation. The legacy of Platinum status within the Private Club sector, inaugurated in 1997 by Chairman Emeritus John Sibbald, remains unshaken. The criteria have evolved over time to remain pertinent to industry dynamics. The biennial selection of the top 5% of Private Clubs of Excellence takes place in the even years. The categories encompassed include Golf, Country, City, Athletic, and Yacht Clubs.Platinum Clubs

About Private Club Marketing:

Private Club Marketing stands as a paragon of luxury marketing, branding, and membership sales consultancy. Our expertise extends to private clubs, golf communities, resort destinations, boutique hotels, estates, and unique lifestyle enclaves. We guide Developers, Owners, Financial Institutions, and Management Companies in pivotal decisions encompassing envisioning, strategy, marketing, sales, and organization.

Our central mission revolves around enhancing the member experience through lifestyle finesse that inspires opportunities, influences choices, and reveres members and traditions. Whether it's a tailored sales strategy, inventive marketing direction and design, captivating photography, social media prowess, content creation, collateral development, or website design and management, Private Club Marketing stands as a trusted purveyor of comprehensive marketing essentials.

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