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Reengaging with Members This Memorial Weekend: Enhancing Retention and Referrals for Private Clubs

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This Memorial Weekend presents an exceptional opportunity for exclusive clubs to deepen their connection with members through thoughtful, last-minute strategies that enhance engagement and community spirit. While events are already set, there are still impactful actions you can take, such as providing personalized service, leveraging real-time social media engagement, and sending follow-up thank you notes. By focusing on these areas, your club can create a memorable experience that reinforces its exclusive appeal, fosters member loyalty, and sets the stage for a vibrant summer season.

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This Memorial Weekend, elevate your exclusive club’s member experience with these last-minute strategies to enhance engagement and foster a vibrant community.

Memorial Weekend is here, and while exclusive clubs have already planned their events, there are still effective strategies to reengage with members, enhance their experience, and foster a sense of community. Here are several actions you can take during and immediately after Memorial Weekend to boost your club's retention and referral efforts without offering discounts or referral bonuses.

1. Provide Personalized Service

Focus on providing impeccable service and ensuring each member feels valued:

  • Contact Members About Guests: Reach out to each member who made reservations for the club's events and activities. Ask for their guests' names and any preferences the club should be aware of. This information can help staff provide personalized greetings and cater to specific needs, making guests feel special and enhancing their experience. Example: “Dear [Member’s Name], we’re looking forward to welcoming you and your guests this Memorial Weekend. Could you please provide their names and any special preferences they might have?”

  • Member and Guest Recognition: Train your staff to address members and their guests by name throughout the weekend. This personal touch can significantly enhance the overall experience. For example, staff should greet guests with, “Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. We’re delighted to have you with us today.”

2. Leverage Real-Time Social Media Engagement

Utilize your social media platforms to keep members engaged and informed throughout the weekend:

  • Live Event Coverage: Post live updates, photos, and videos from your Memorial Weekend events. This real-time content can generate excitement and engagement among members who may not be able to attend. For example, share snippets of the live music performance, gourmet dishes being served, and members enjoying the event.
  • Member Interaction: Encourage members to share their own photos and experiences on social media, using a dedicated hashtag unique to your club. This fosters a sense of community and allows members to connect with each other. Example: “Share your Memorial Weekend moments with #ClubMemorialDay and connect with fellow members!”

3. Gather Feedback and Foster Community Engagement

Use the weekend to gather feedback and build a stronger sense of community:

  • On-Site Surveys: Conduct quick, on-site surveys during events to gather member feedback. Use a mobile app or simple paper forms to ask members what they enjoyed most and what improvements they would like to see. For example, set up a feedback kiosk where members can easily provide their input.
  • Member Spotlights: Highlight members who have contributed positively to the club. Share their stories on your website and social media, reinforcing a sense of belonging and appreciation. For example, feature a member who has been actively participating in club events and activities, and share their story on social media with a photo and testimonial.

4. Send Follow-Up Thank You Notes

Immediately after Memorial Weekend, send personalized follow-up notes to thank members for attending:

  • Custom Email Thank Yous: Send elegant email thank you notes to members who attended the events. Use high-quality images and sophisticated language to convey your appreciation. Example: “Thank you for joining us this Memorial Weekend. We hope you enjoyed the exclusive experiences and look forward to seeing you at future events.”
  • Handwritten Notes: For a more personal touch, send handwritten thank you notes to key members. This can make them feel valued and appreciated. Example: “Dear [Member’s Name], Thank you for being a part of our Memorial Weekend celebrations. Your presence made the events even more special. We look forward to many more memorable moments together.”

5. Showcase Event Highlights and Member Testimonials

After the weekend, share highlights and member testimonials to extend the engagement:

  • Event Recap on Social Media: Post a recap of the Memorial Weekend events on your social media channels. Include high-quality photos, videos, and member testimonials to showcase the success of the events. Example: “Thank you to all who joined us for an unforgettable Memorial Weekend. Here are some of the highlights!”
  • Newsletter Feature: Include a detailed recap of the weekend’s events in your club’s newsletter. Highlight key moments, share member testimonials, and provide a preview of upcoming events.


Even with Memorial Weekend already in full swing, there are still impactful strategies to enhance member engagement and retention for exclusive clubs. By focusing on personalized service, leveraging real-time social media engagement, gathering feedback, sending follow-up thank you notes, and showcasing event highlights, you can create a memorable and impactful experience that reinforces the exclusivity and appeal of your club.

These efforts can strengthen member loyalty and foster a vibrant, connected community without relying on discounts or referral bonuses. Embrace the opportunity to connect with your members this Memorial Weekend and set the stage for a successful and vibrant summer season.

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