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U.S. Golf Communities for the Love of the Game

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From California to West Virginia, these properties have some of the best courses in the country

Making the move to a golf course community is often a decision based on multiple factors: location, amenities, value. But for an avid golfer, hands down, the most important one is the course itself. And the choice is often subjective depending on your type of play.

Courses have features such as unique topography, prime locations, on-course comfort stations and a dedicated golf staff, said Zack Bates, CEO of Private Club Marketing, a firm based in Newport Beach, California, that offers membership consulting, marketing and communication for private clubs and luxury brands. “These clubs bring in the best designers around the globe to do the initial design of the golf course. The portfolio behind names like Tom Fazio and Coore & Crenshaw drives the enthusiasts who have played on their other masterpieces,” Mr. Bates said.

“These golf communities have figured out that the experience starts before you even arrive,” Mr. Bates said. “Past guests, residents and members all share their love for their home course, bringing more interest and exposure to the properties and to the real estate itself—nothing beats authentic engagement.”

From California to West Virginia, here’s a look at four golf communities in the U.S. with some of the most spectacular courses.

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