World Golf Foundation Launches “Golf For Her” Website

In collaboration with multiple golf industry leaders, the website is designed to increase women’s participation in the game by detailing beginner programs, information on networking opportunities, and news updates.

World Golf Foundation has launched a new women’s website,, designed to increase women’s participation in the game.

The resource site is designed to attract and support female golfers of all ages and abilities. Contributing organizations include the LPGA, the PGA of America, the PGA TOUR, The First Tee, the USGA, ClubCorp, the Executive Women’s Golf Association, Golf Digest and GOLF 20/20, a subsidiary of the World Golf Foundation.

Food Predictions for 2015 from Four Seasons

For the spirited epicurean, a lot of the fun in dining out is discovering what’s hot, trending and will be on the tip (both literally and figuratively) of everyone’s tongue. While we can’t, with complete certainty, predict what everyone will be buzzing about in 2015, we know who to ask…

Here, we’ve asked some of our favourite chefs from Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts to chime in on what they believe will be this year’s biggest food trends.

County Club Hosts Indoor Golf Open House

In Alan Schilling’s mind, there’s nothing like getting outside and spending the day playing golf.

President of MMI and a member of the Pines golf course at Lake Isabella, Schilling likes the activity, the fresh air and the scenery.

Michigan’s climate makes it impossible for Schilling and other golf enthusiasts to get out on the course this time of year, but the Mt. Pleasant Country Club is now offering the next best thing.

Conversations with WellMax® Medical Director, Dr. Daniel Cosgrove

Meet Dr. Daniel Cosgrove, Medical Director of WellMax®  – Indian Hills, CA.

WellMax believes that you are priceless. Your health and vitality depend upon a web-like association of many different “components” such as nutrition, stress, biochemistry, genes, fitness, cognitive function, and the absence of disease processes. WellMax works in conjunction with your existing doctors. Any gaps between specialists are filled to ensure we support your overall health and well-being. This concierge medicine-approach to your health is just one of the many benefits of WellMax services.

Golf’s Own Country

In the background of Tiger Wood’s deal with Hero Motors, there’s again a surge of international interest in Indian golf. But compared to, say, Thailand, which would have leveraged the public relations opportunity that such an association brings to lure even larger droves of golf tourists, India’s relative lack of accessible layouts scuppers any such spin-off.

Bold plans to revive the fortunes of Perth’s historic North Inch Golf Course

Hard on the heels of a successful Ryder Cup at Gleneagles, Perth and Kinross Council has ambitious plans to ensure the North Inch course thrives

Perth’s troubled North Inch Golf Course is set for a new lease of life.

Hard on the heels of a successful Ryder Cup at Gleneagles, Perth and Kinross Council has ambitious plans to ensure the historic municipal course not just survives but thrives.

Highland Yacht Club – Lake Ontario’s hidden jewel of a Yacht Club

The formation of Glacial Lake Iroquois, at the end of the last ice age, was to have a lasting effect on the boating activity on Lake Ontario. Many years ago, as the lake eroded, it left geological records through alluvial deposits from the Bluffs, which then settled westward to form the Toronto Islands. More recently, the erosion rate picked up quickly in the 1940s when cottages were being built along the bluffs to capitalize on the breathtaking, enticing waterfront view of this ‘geological wonder’ and a unique feature in North America.