Private Club Marketing Hosts Tastemaker Dinner at the New Newport Beach Country Club

Zack Bates and his ‘CEO Tastemaker’s’ strike again.

Bates, the CEO of Private Club Marketing and his elite Tastemakers group have been holding a delightful series of social food and wine events at private clubs and luxury resorts around Southern California, celebrating the epicurean pleasures of the region with partner Touring and Tasting Magazine. The latest such event took place at the historic Newport Beach Country Club in their newly redesigned “California Craftsman” styled clubhouse, recently completed after club officials wrote a cool $40 million dollar check toward high-end improvements.



The October event featured an exclusively designed surf and turf menu for a four-course dinner with something to please any foodie, or bon vivant. Tastemaker diners enjoyed the panoramic view in Newport Beach Country Club’s ocean boardroom, while dining on lavish plated selections, like:


Grilled Spanish Octopus

Artisan greens, Humbolt Fog goat cheese, blistered butternut squash, pomegranate, with apple vinaigrette.

Hot smoked Scottish salmon, braised porchetta pork belly, de Puy lentils, rainbow chard, and buerre rouge.

Traditional sticky toffee pudding for dessert.


unspecified-45    img_1789

The meal featured four delightful dinner wines, including three regional selections from California, as well as a Graham Beck Brut Champagne, from the Graham Beck Winery located in South Africa. Although this highly-rated champagne is a sparkling white grape selection, sippers were delighted by the pale slivery-pink tinge of this fine brut. The blush color is accompanied by “aromas of raspberries, cherries…and subtle berry flavors.”

img_1946    unspecified-48

Other dinner wines included a dry chardonnay from Plume Estate Winery in Napa Valley, a robust and spicy pinot noir from Sebastiani Winery in Sonoma, and a 2009 port from EOS winery in Paso Robles, CA.

unspecified-44    unspecified-46

The group of reception wines included a light-hearted duo of choices, also from California wineries: a full-bodied Napa Valley chardonnay from Plume Estate Winery, and a ripe, fruity cabernet sauvignon from the Sextant Winery,

Newport Beach Country Club’s unique and decadent take on “California cuisine” continues to delight diners, whether they are serving members of the elite “CEO Tastemakers” club, their own membership, or guests.




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Class Meets Superyachts at the Monaco Yacht Show 2016

The Monaco Yacht Show is an unmatched insight into the world of luxury; with 125 superyachts berthed in Port Hercules, a brand-new Car Deck showcasing some of the finest supercars on the market and an asset of exclusive lifestyle exhibitors. With so much on offer, we’ve compiled a rough guide to help you navigate through the luxury lifestyle showcase of the Monaco Yacht Show (September 28th – October 1st, 2016).

Statement Pieces
UlysseNardin is a historic founder of the Monaco Yacht Show, and also has a heritage in the skill of crafting some of the finest wrist pieces on the luxury market. For 170 years, the work of UlysseNardinhas progresses to capture the very essence of success and sophistication; after just launching two statement pieces.

The Marine Chronograph Annual Calendar and the Grand Deck Marine Tourbillon are the latest watches to emerge from UlysseNardin, which was initiated to coincide with the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the contemporary Marine collection. These watches and countless other pieces will be a major attraction for the millionaire and billionaire class walking the docks of Port Hercules.


Automotive Debuts
Yachting and automotive often go hand in hand, and the Monaco Yacht Show is introducing its first ever edition of the Car Deck this year to celebrate that fact.

This platform is to display some of the most exciting automobiles available on the market. Some of the ten-car-exhibition brands to be presented include the new Tesla Model S P90D, the recently launched Rolls-Royce Dawn and the Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 Spyder. Flip through the full run-down of the Monaco Yacht Show Car Deck here.

The Height of Aviation
Jetcraft, Dassault Aviation, NetJets, and DC Aviation will all be attending the show, and looking to provide the unmatched service available in the sky – from purchase to management – while the superyacht display has the water covered. Later this month, there would be a documentary of the Aviation industry at the Monaco Yacht Show, and this will provide you with everything you need to know about the experts of business and leisure travel.

Resident Luxury
The homeware and luxury residence exhibition of the Monaco Yacht Show is an incredible look into the world of the elite homestead, not to mention a perfect opportunity to discuss the inspiration for your new home styling with the people that knows it all.

Linley – world famous British furniture and interior decoration brand – will also be there to display after announcing a new autumn catalogue and offering the finest in wood and hand-crafted products fit for superyacht or study. Also available on display is the interior styling and expertise of Sabrina Monte-Carlo with a range of outdoor and indoor furnishings and presenting a harmony of styles across superyacht, residence and private jets.

StudioArt provides leather interior options for the entire home, while Crystal Caviar, a leading brand in the craft of crystal which has worked on superyachts and homes across the world, will showcase the delicate reflections of true art; from architectural details and artwork itself to chandeliers and lightings.

These are just a glimpse of the luxury legion on display at the Monaco Yacht Show; however, we'll be delivering further insights into the brands, glamorous events and glittering products on display as the show approaches.

10 Movies Every Prep Should Reverence

Whenever you're at the country club, drop one of these movie lines, and you will surely get a thumbs up. And if you haven't seen these entire movies grab your popcorn because it is a preppy offense. So sit back and begin watching.


Year: 1990. Director: Whit Stillman. What Makes It Preppy: NYC debutantes. Discussions on social mobility. A bar that we're pretty sure is Dorrians. All the characters play bridge. Quote: ” I've always planned to be a failure anyway, that's why I plan to marry an extremely wealthy woman.” – Nick Smith


Year: 1992. Director: Robert Mandel. What Makes It Preppy: Elite prep school. All-star Football team. Because Chris O'Donnell is in it. Everyone wants to get into Harvard. Quote: “No sir. You will never forget what happened, because I'm going to stay here to always remind you it happened whenever you see me. You played me. I'll definitely use you to get into Harvard.” – David Green


Year: 2002. Director: Burr Steers. What Makes It Preppy: Igby's uniform. Getting sent to military school. Rampant family dysfunction. His mom's name is Mimi. Ollie, his Republican brother (played perfectly by Ryan Philippe). Quote: “I'm drowning in assholes.” – Igby


Year:2000. Director: Mary Harron. What Makes It Preppy: New York investment banker-Patrick Batemen=dark prep. Twisted rich people. Working at your father's company. Quote: “There is a split second of complete panic as I realize that Paul's apartment overlooks the park… and is clearly more posh than mine.” – Patrick Bateman


Year: 1991. Director: Charles Shyer. What Makes It Preppy: George & Nina Banks in everything they do. George's navy blue tux. THAT house. Steve Tyrell's version of “The Way You Look Tonight”. Quote: “Well this nitwit will no longer be not ripped because I'm not paying for one more thing I don't need. George Banks says NO!”


Year: 1998. Director: Wes Anderson. What Makes It Preppy: the fact that it is a Wes Anderson film. The beekeeping society. Rushmore in its entirety. Max Fischer's uniform. Quote: “My top schools where I want to apply to are the Sorborne and Oxford. My saaftey is Havard.” – Max Fischer.


Year: 1992. Director: Martin Brest. What Makes It Preppy: Charlie Sims (Chris O'Donnell) attends New England prep school. The duo stays at the Waldorf-Astoria.Lt. Col. Frank Slade knows how to tango (in spite of being blind).Quote: “Whoo-ah.” – Lt. Col. Frank Slade


Year: 1983. Director: John Landis. What Makes It Preppy: Louis Winthorpe III, enough said. Coleman the butler. Mortimer and Randolph Duke.. “The Heritage Club”. Squash. Women in headbands. Women in headbands EVERYWHERE. Quote: ”Can you believe it? He was wearing my Harvard tie. As in my Harvard tie. He definitely went to Harvard.” – Louis Winthorpe III


Year: 1999. Director: Anthony Minghella. What Makes It Preppy: Princeton alumni. A detrimental passion with Chet Baker (but we get it). Gwyneth Paltrow's ENTIRE wardrobe in this. Quote: “I have forever had the notion that it would be better, to be a fake somebody… than a real nobody.” – Tom Ripley


Year: 1989. Director: Peter Weir. What Makes It Preppy: Welton Academy’s four pillars: Discipline, Excellence, Honor and Tradition. Knox Overstreet. Quote: “Guys, you must endeavour to discover your own voice. Because the more time you take to begin, the less likely you are to find it at all. Thoreau said, “The majority of men lead lives of silent desperation.” Don't be resigned to that. Break out!” – John Keating

On The Court: 23 Signs you are A Serious Tennis Player

For the Love of the Game


  1. A whole section of your closet is dedicated to your tennis clothes.
  2. On a professional level, you are knowledgeable about all the stats of the top 10 male and female players.
  3. You're a member of the USTA.
  4. Your tan lines are awkward after playing tennis outside. There is nothing cool about a tennis polo shirt and sock tan.
  5. You are glued to your TV all day watching and enjoying the Tennis Channel.
  6. Each time you're stuck on the court and you ask yourself “What would Serena do?” you conquer on.
  7. You are superstitious regarding the number of times you bounce the ball before you serve.
  8. You specifically named your strong go-to shot, mine is the “Mikiller cross court forehand”.
  9. As a matter of fact, you prefer the court surface. Team #hardcourt.
  10. Your version of the Oscars is the US Open.
  11. Slamming your racquet feels so good even when you know quite well you shouldn't be doing so.
  12. Each time you break a string, it is an indication that you're playing a strong game.
  13. The best smell in the world is a can of fresh new tennis balls.
  14. You get mad whenever you are playing against a “marshmallow hitter” or “pusher” (AKA opponent that gets EVERYTHING back).
  15. To you, the ultimate high on the courtyard is being in “the zone”.
  16. Rather than clubbing on a Friday night, you would be seen playing “Queen of the Court”.
  17. Callouses are all over your hand, and you really think it is super sexy.
  18. Whenever you hear the term “tiebreaker”, you have a mini anxiety attack.
  19. When it comes to what kind of racket you use, you aren’t going to change as you are a brand loyalist.
  20. You know the word “bagels” isn't just a breakfast item, but it actually means beating someone 6-0, 6-0 in tennis.
  21. You feel great pressure during match point, and nothing can be compared to that feeling.
  22. Your backyard, all over your home and your car is always littered with tennis ball.
  23. Nothing else ruins your day as much as a double fault.


VIP Guide To The Monaco Yacht Show

Top notch tips to help you as a Yacht owner at the upcoming 2016 Monaco Yacht Show to enjoy your time to the fullest as the show is coming up in less than two weeks time.

Since the show's inception in 1991, MYS has gone from just being pleasure boats parade to being a platform for high-end brands to display their products in the face of a captivated audience of yacht owners and magnificence consumers.

Contained by the show itself is an extensive range of brands offering inspiration on anything from interior furnishings to liquors and the hottest champagnes to stash in your onboard drinks cabinet.
Also present is the smorgasbord of attractions in Monaco itself, from haute couture and jewellery boutiques to an array of fine dining restaurants and exclusive bars, to the world famous Monte Carlo Casino. And for an excellent reason, this is why the place is called a Millionaires’ playground.

Where to shop:
In Monaco, you are sure to find every luxury retail designer – The glitter of Cartier and Van Cleef, the aromas of Davidoff and Dior, the style of Valentino and Gucci. The centre of luxury shopping is the renowned Cercle d’Or, while another home to stores includes the galleries of the Métropole Shopping Centre, the AlléesLumières, and the Fontvieille Shopping Centres.

Where to eat:
Of all the renowned cuisine names to ply their trade in Monte Carlo, perhaps the most eminent of them all is Joel Robuchon, owner of an amazing 26 Michelin stars across the world. For an exquisite state of the art dining experience, you should visit his restaurant in the Hotel Metropole. Guests can enjoy refreshments on the restaurant’s terrace while taking pleasure in a view over the lively streets of Monte Carlo and Port Hercules Marina.

Where to party:
The Monaco institution; is a sophisticated mix of piano bar and disco Living Room. Their dress code is strict, and the club doesn’t kick off until midnight or thereabout when the resident DJs begins to do their thing. Music is diverse, and there is a good food menu alongside a heated, year-round terrace.


Get Inspired:
Without the luxury trimmings, a superyacht is nothing!!! This is where the Monaco Yacht Show comes into its own, offering a stunning collection of luxury stuff that will supplement your yacht and the experience enjoyed by its guests. Champagne brand Lanson is going to be at Monaco this year, hopefully, to persuade yacht owners that theirs is the tipple to serve on-board.

Beyond a doubt, the best-represented luxury sector will be interior brands – it is barely a bombshell given how the fitting out of a yacht’s interior is such big trade. Some of the companies exhibiting in Monaco will include: Guarda Marbles & Stones, Boutsen Design, Crystal Caviar and Club Pierre Brochard.

5 of the Largest Megayachts at The Monaco Yacht Show

The French Riviera is known as the best location to scratch your late summer superyacht itch. But the true 200-foot-long and above megayachts don’t showcase itself to be seen by potential buyers until the Monaco Yacht Show later in the month. It’s only appropriate that some of the world’s largest yachts come to show off in the world’s second smallest country that’s synonymous with luxury as Monaco, is a home to the greatest number of millionaires and billionaires per capita in the world. So here’s a glimpse of the over 500 yachts and countless toys (the whole lot; from personal submarines to fully enclosed “limousine tenders” that allow yacht owners to sail without even feeling like you're on water) that will be showcased between September 28 and October 1.



In 2013, the Solandge was built and launched by the Lurssen shipyard, and it is the largest yacht that will be displayed at the Monaco Yacht Show this year. The interior of this outstanding yacht was designed by Aileen Rodriguez while its exterior was designed by EspenOeino with an offer to true luxury on six extraordinary decks as it was intended to be a home-away-from-home on the high seas.

Solandge is going to be showcased this year again at Monaco after winning the 2014 ‘La Belle ClasseSuperyachts’ Award from the Monaco Yacht Club and ‘Best Exterior’ in the first-ever Monaco Yacht Show Awards. There are a lot of chances that it could still win those same titles this year also.



Silver Fast

The Silver Fast is a 252-foot-long yacht also designed by EspenOeino but with a striking new all dark silver paint and it retains the super-sleek style and unique hull lines of her much-prized predecessors.

She’s also designed to be ultra fuel efficient. Only stopping once to refuel, she recently completed a passage from Australia (where the Silver Yachts shipyard is located) to Europe.



Stella Maris

This 236-foot-long superyacht exterior profile, also designed by EspenOeino. It has continually received wide acclaims and is ever ready for immediate delivery to a buyer who can afford her approximate 85 million dollar price tag. TheStella Maris provides luxurious accommodations for 14 guests and additional accommodations for 19 crew members. Her range is approximately 5,500 nautical miles with a Top speed is 17 knots.




This 239-foot long superyacht, designed by Omega Architects. She has a luxurious accommodation for 12 guests which is spacious and well-equipped. The accommodation includes a large Owner’s suite on her main deck, two double guest staterooms and two twin guest cabins (each with Pullman beds).




This multi-purpose yacht was built and designed by the Piriou Shipyard to be able to carry out extended, long-distance voyages in extremely harsh weather conditions. It’s classed as a “passenger ship” and has been designed to be a clean and environment-friendly as well. A yacht built for an owner who wants to go on adventures (as well as travel in the lap of luxury) with a range of over 15,000 miles.

A Toast to Summer! Cheers to Fall!

Labor day has come and gone. Enjoy the best wines of the Summer, and preview this Fall’s most sought after Collection of Reds!


Join us in raising a glass to Summer’s end and to all that Autumn has to offer.

To make your upcoming plans even more memorable, Private Club Marketing's partner The Luxury Marketing Council will be providing 20% off, shipping included*, through the Member-Only Wine Program until September 20, 2016.

* Prices reflect the retail price less 20% (Retail pricing noted with LMC member pricing to the right. Shipping is included with the purchase of 6 bottles or $250 order.

Steps in making the most sought out drink in the U.S. Open

For the last ten years, The Grey Goose and Chambord-filled Honey Deuce cocktail has been the trademark of the US open.

The US Open has the Honey Deuce, while the Kentucky Derby has the mint julep.

In 2007, the drink was created by Grey Goose mixologist Nick Mautone, which contains the tasty combination of lemonade, and raspberry liqueur and vodka and this has become the signature cocktail of the tennis tournament.

The frozen honeydew melon balls used as a garnish is the best part of the drink that makes it unique, making it look like tennis balls. This unique look reminds the tennis fans what the US Open is really about (this doesn’t mean that the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center food and drinks aren’t great though).

Mautone, Grey Goose, “I decided to blend the lemonade with vodka to satisfy the spectators’ thirst in the late summer heat. The Chambord adds a raspberry tang. Besides, honeydew melons are always at their peak in the summer, the melon balls are an appropriate finishing touch.”

Since the drink became a brand, almost a million Honey Deuces have been sold.

Steps involved in making a Home-made Honey Deuce cocktail.


3 oz Fresh squeezed lemonade

.5 oz Chambord or premium raspberry liqueur

1.25 oz Grey Goose vodka

Frozen honeydew melons for garnish

Crushed ice


Fill a chilled highball glass with ice and add Grey Goose vodka.

Add lemonade and then top with Chambord.

Garnish with a skewer of honeydew melon balls (note: put the honeydew melon in the freezer a day before to freeze, then to create melon balls, use a melon baller).

In 2016, for the first time, the ingredients are being sold in a home delivery pack for as low as $6.99 per drink—with ten cocktails per order, delivery and tax inclusive. Cocktail Courier will send all you need to prepare the Honey Deuce cocktail at your home bar. The lemonade, raspberry liqueur, vodka, honeydew melon, skewers, and even a melon baller are all included in the $6.99 package. That means you can still pretend you’re in the middle of Arthur Ashe Stadium sipping the US Open’s official drink even if you're at home.

Has Wingtip CEO Found the Balance between Member Value and Member Experience?

Half-store, half-social club, located in San Francisco’s Financial District, has Founder and CEO of Wingtip ClubAmi Arad found the balance of member value and experience?

At PSFK’s Future of Retail 2016 SF event, Arad spoke to how his Club cultivates their community and delivers delight to their customers.

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