Here’s How You Can Help Those Affected by the Napa / Sonoma Fires

You've seen the horrific images, you have friends and loved ones and favorite haunts up north.

And as of Monday morning, Wine Country is in a state of emergency as more than a dozen wildfires are consuming large swaths of Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, Lake and Yuba counties. It's a time for thoughts and prayers, yes, but more importantly for action: Here's how to help the victims of this Bay Area tragedy.

*We will be updating this article throughout the week as we learn more about ongoing relief and recovery efforts. If you have a tip for how we can help those in need, email with the subject line Help for Wine Country.

Bring Crucial Supplies & Volunteer at Shelters

To accommodate the estimated 20,000 evacuees, a number of local landmarks have opened their doors to the growing influx of escapees. Below is a list of shelters, organizations, schools, and businesses we've found that are currently operating as safe spaces; they need able-and-willing volunteers and donations of essential supplies.

  • Veterans Memorial Building and Hall, 1351 Maple Ave. (Santa Rosa),
  • Petaluma Community Center, 320 N. McDowell Blvd. (Petaluma),
  • Sonoma County Fairgrounds (open for large- and medium-sized livestock and farm animals), access via Gate 7 on Aston Ave. (Sonoma),
  • Ramekins Culinary School and Inn, 450 W. Spain St. (Sonoma),
  • Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds (open to accommodate small livestock and other farm animals, access via Gate 4 on 175 Fairgrounds Dr (Petaluma),
  • Crosswalk Church (currently at-capacity and in need of aid), 2590 1st St. (Napa),
  • Napa Valley College Gym, 2277 Napa Vallejo Hwy. (Napa),
Update: SF's Love on Haight is giving away free clothing to fire victims; they will also be taking donations through out the day.

Update: Marin County has opened a temporary shelter for evacuees. Donations needed include clothes for older children and adults, blankets, new pillows, new underwear for all ages, packaged prepared food, baby formula. Drop off behind exhibit hall;10 Avenue of the Flags, San Rafael.

Marin shelter: 10 Avenue of the Flags, San Rafael, CA

Donate to the Bay Area Red Cross and Local Food Banks

In the ensuing days, the Bay Area's Red Cross affiliates will be busy lending their might to ongoing relief efforts for the affected counties. Donations of any kind—be it large or small, monetary or otherwise—will be greatly appreciated; blood drives, too, are likely to be scheduled, so we'll keep you updated;

The Red Cross has exhausted its volunteer networks in the Bay Area and is currently seeking additional volunteers, according to the City of Santa Rosa Facebook page. Those willing to help with check-in and supply distribution are encouraged to call (707-543-4542) or go in person to Elsie Allen High School (599 Bellevue Ave, Santa Rosa) or Cook Middle School (2480 Sebastopol Rd., Santa Rosa).

Purge your pantry for the cause:

Donate to the Humane Societies and SPCA

Natural disasters of this magnitude affect more than human lives. Donate your time—and extra bags of dog and cat food—to the North Bay branches of the Human Society and SPCA as they go about the tough work of accommodating new shelter animals.

Lend a Hand (or Home-Cooked Meal) to the Fire Stations

Countless men and woman serving on the front lines are in need of sustenance and miscellaneous supplies. Be sure to call the appropriate non-emergency numbers to get a grasp on what they may need.

Aston Martin is Taking over the Nine in Hard Rock Stadium

Aston Martin is offering an unmatched luxury experience in the Miami Dolphin's new Hard Rock Stadium. The NINE is a luxury box on the 30-yard line of the Miami Dolphin's stadium, and it is getting a huge upgrade. Aston Martin is taking over and giving the guests an ultimate experience this season. Guests will receive a private chauffeured ride to the stadium on game days with their own entrance to the stadium and game day concierge. Along with exclusive showings of new Aston Martins and preferred living arrangments at Aston Martin's new living residence at 300 Biscayne Boulevard Way. Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium Senior Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer Todd Kline had this to say about the partnership. “We are proud to join forces with Aston Martin Residences at 300 Biscayne Boulevard Way, an aspirational brand synonymous with luxury and customer experience; Hard Rock Stadium is a global entertainment destination. Partnering with Aston Martin Residences at 300 Biscayne Boulevard Way and G&G Business Developments, two groups that resonate worldwide with a local presence, was important to us and fits the aesthetics and culture of The NINE.”

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10 Bucket List Golf Holes

Whether they are on the acclaimed courses of the world or have the most incredible design ever imagined, these golf holes should find a place on every golfer's bucket list.

The 6th Hole at Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach has always been a premier golf spot, but the 6th hole captures the beauty of the course. A difficult hole, to say the least, it is still a joy to play because every stroke leads you further out onto the point and closer to the ocean. By the time you're on the dance floor, it feels like you're on an island surrounded by the deep blue water below.

The 12th Hole at Augusta National

Augusta National. The most prestigious golf course in the world with a legacy that continues to grow with each Masters and no hole is as legendary as the 12th hole on Amen Corner. Only a perfectly placed ball will land on the green. Otherwise, you're in the rough or the sand.

The 3rd Hole at Punta Mita

Punta Mita is one of the premier golf courses in Mexico and is definitely worth the visit. Unlike most island golf holes, this hole is not man made. It's a natural landform just off the shore but just as challenging as any island hole. With the rocks in the background, a long ball is a gone ball.

The 17th Hole at Sawgrass

One of the most difficult holes in golf is the 17th hole at Sawgrass. With swirling winds and a tree island added in as an extra challenge, few can land on the green. Even when on the green, the 17th is no cake walk. Uneven surfaces and holes placed on the edges of the green make the 17th a difficult two-putt. That being said the 17th is still an iconic hole and a joy to play, no matter how many strokes it takes.

The 4th Hole at Old Head

Playing on the side of a cliff is always a great rush, and the 4th hole at Old Head delivers. A golfer can have two approaches to this hole, play it safe and keep to the right of the fairway, or go for the low score and try and cut over the left edge of the cliff. The scenic views and the duality of the hole provides a truly exciting experience.

The 18th Hole at St. Andrews

No list about golf is ever complete without mentioning St. Andrews Old Course. From it's rich history to its impossible sand traps, every golfer dreams of one day playing it. However, if you could only golf one hole it would have to be the 18th. To tee off and cross the Swilken Bridge would make any golfer happy to be there despite the fact that his ball is probably in a trap somewhere down the fairway.

The 14th Hole at Cour D'Alena

Like most golf course the holes can be moved around the green to keep the course interesting. The 14th hole at Cour D'Alena takes that concept to a whole other level. The green itself can be moved. A par 3 at 100 yards can be quickly changed to 270 yards. To top that off a golf cart is swapped out and a boat brings you onto the green.

The 10th Hole at Belfry

Home of the Ryders Cup, The Belfry has had its share of amazing moments in golf history, but no other hole is as fun to play as the short par four on the 10th hole of Belfry. Protected by a river this hole has the opportunity for eagle or double-bogey.

The 14th at Cape Kidnappers

One of the unique golf courses in the world, Cape Kidnappers, is perched away in Hawkes Bay New Zealand. The 14th hole is the hole that you start to realize why the golf course is also called the “Pirates' Plank”. Each side of the green has a sheer drop down into the ocean. No one has ever fallen to their deaths here but many golf balls have been lost forever.

The 19th Hole at Legend Golf and Safari Resort

The 19th hole at Legend Golf and Safari Resort is the most extreme of all golf holes in existence. Golfers are brought by helicopter the edge of a mountain and tee off into the abyss. Few hit the Africa-shaped green below, and even fewer can even find their ball at all. The resort has offered the reward of a $1 million dollars to whoever can get the first hole in one. So far they haven't paid out a cent.

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17 of London’s Most Exclusive Private Members’ Clubs

The good life is about more than spectacular dining and cocktails. You also want luxury, amenities, natural beauty – and your own private concierge wouldn't hurt. Living well starts with good choices. 

While areas such as Mayfair and Pall Mall are still synonymous with the members club scene, an explosion of more accessible, affordable, and arguably trendier clubs have shaken things up.

Whether you are looking for a wellbeing sanctuary, to indulge in the world of fine wine, fine art, live performances, and intrepid exploring, or just somewhere with cool rooms where cool-looking people hang out, each club has its very own niche, making it ever trickier to pick the right one.

We've rounded up a selection of London's most exclusive private members' clubs, which cost between £150 to over £5,000 — or the cost of a new car — for an annual membership. Here are Business Insider‘s 2017 list of London's most exclusive private members' clubs.

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Wimbledon Tennis Party Season

The British tennis season is upon us, with the Wimbledon tournament finally under-way. Dust off your tennis whites and host a get-together complete with tennis-themed party games, smashing food and plenty of strawberries and cream, inspired by the All-England Club. Private Club Marketing can assist you with membership event ideas & creative marketing to drive member usage.

See samples below and reach out to us, for more information by clicking HERE!

Social Clubs Thrive by Meeting Younger Demographic

Social Clubs are on the rise. With the new world of social media, Social Clubs might seem an outdated form of interaction but they’re not. They have managed to blend and adapt with the changing media outlets and set themselves up to be in the forefront of social media and business strategy. Not to long ago bringing a laptop of computer into a social club lounge would be frowned upon, but today it’s welcomed. Social Clubs have always been a place where clients and potential business partners meet and discuss future deals and now with added technology they are thriving.

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5 Private Member Clubs Worth Joining 2017

Welcome to the new millennium of private membership clubs. They have since shed their dark wood floors of the past and refurbished themselves to encompass the new era of luxury and technology. Networking has changed from a tedious task to a favored past time in the sleek bars and lounge areas of these membership clubs.  The following is a comprehensive list of the best private membership clubs that you should definitely consider joining.

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5 Steps to Start Marketing Your Summer Pipeline

I had two membership director conversations already this week reminding them to ensure they are focused on building their summer membership and marketing pipeline. In one case, the club was excited about the event they just completed and the opportunities they found, yet they had no events scheduled for May or June!

It is the job of sales leadership to have a 90-day and beyond vision into pipeline marketing and membership sales planning. Now is the time to make sure there are extra efforts in your membership and marketing plans to increase your visibility.

What kinds of programs or activity are you launching in the next 60- 90 days to make sure your summer is busy?

I have simply built a list to help you think through your options, and I would like our readers to certainly add their thoughts and ideas as well. Let’s all work together to ensure mutual success.

1. Hunt your existing membership base: hold Member Appreciation events, make sure you have a plan to contact each new member and offer to get them connected into the club and to bring a non-member friend along.

2. Ask your vendors for idea’s and find out what other organizations are using to increase activity.

3. Schedule outreach (prospecting) events for regional access; if you cover a large area or even a single city, schedule morning events in two separate areas, one day apart. One might be on the North side of your city, the second in the South (as an example). As you prospect, make sure prospects (and your membership committee) know of both events – this will make it easy for them to attend or pass along a referral. Example; We had a club cater an open house and had the realtor invite her most recent ten client couples to visit. The next night we hosted a prospective member open house at the Club.

4. Buy a new database and create a fun mailing and use oversized postcards. ***Private Club Marketing can help with this***

5. Have your Membership Director block a minimum of two hours a week to prospect new opportunities. Great examples: museum openings, chamber of commerce meetings and important non-profit marketing committee meetings (many of your members sit on these boards – just ask).

These are just a few to start the dialogue; the key is to make it happen-Now!

What are your ideas?

7 Special Suggestions for Mothers Day Marketing Ideas

If you’re still working on ideas for marketing your club and promoting specific events or services for Mother’s Day, this list of seven marketing ideas for Mother’s Day can help you put the finishing touches on your plan.

In the U.S., Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May each year. A successful Mother’s Day marketing plan can drive inquiries for membership that successfully attracts prospects who are looking to join a private club – your personalized, thoughtful or unique Mother’s Day offerings might be exactly what they've been looking for.

1. A Beverage-Based Bevy of Beautiful Babes

From tea parties to coffee klatches to wine tastings – it’s often more about who you are with than what you are doing. Host a ladies or family-friendly event to honor one or many moms in May.

2. Suggest Something Simply Chic

It’s likely that many of your Members would love to get something truly unique for their mom, wife, grandmother, aunt – any of the women they want to honor on Mother’s Day – but they simply can’t think of anything that fits the bill.

Create a list of simply chic unique or one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day gift ideas from your business and promote during the weeks leading up to May 14 on your website, lobby displays, social networks and email marketing.

3. Feature Future Finds

Promote your newest pro shop products or spa services for Mother’s Day to support launch efforts. Nothing new? Read on, and use old things in new colors to boost member interest this May.

4. Tempt and Tantalize with Tinted Trends

Whether you have new promotions, services or products, the chances are that you can create Mother’s Day promotions around events that come in the freshest trend colors for spring and summer 2017. Create colorful, eye-catching displays in your club lobby and online to get the attention of your members.

5. Embrace Entrepreneurial Expansion

This could be the perfect time to expand your retail with new point of sale displays, accessories and other impulse buy items that can boost average ticket sales and provide you with perfect gift ideas for moms.

6. Provide Products that are – or can be – Personalized to Perfection

Few moms fail to appreciate gifts that are personalized with their kids names or photos; and these days, just about anything can be personalized! Even gift and greeting cards can be personalized to convey the message that someone went the extra mile when choosing this year’s Mother’s Day gift.

7. Design a Delightful Dalliance

Whether it’s a relaxing experience for mom by herself or for a special mom along with her kids, spouse or another loved one, designing an experience that can be sold as a Mother’s Day gift makes perfect sense.