Pipeline Marketing: 3 Ways Golf Clubs Can Improve ROI

Pipeline Marketing is one of the most commonly reported performance metrics for private golf and country clubs. Here are 3 Ways to Measure your ROI.

Resort and Club Member Relations and Marketing Directors point to their pipeline marketing metric with pride because it serves as a sign of accountability and proclaims, “We, as Membership professionals, take our role in our club's revenue creation process seriously!”

If marketing intends to demonstrate accountability, you’ll need to show performance against what marketing invests in. To get your arms around this, look at where marketing program dollars are being spent. If your club spends significantly on sales enablement, pipeline acceleration or renewal efforts, measuring your marketing sourced pipeline is a rough way to demonstrate achievement.

Instead, look at significant areas of investment and ask what they’re expected to achieve. Commonly, marketing is expected to help sales close their pipeline faster, succeed in more deal cycles, and drive client relationships and revenue. But sales has a role in this, too. And some marketing leaders – cautious about asserting too much credit for metrics they don’t own singularly – retreat into sourcing metrics. That’s a mistake – it leaves marketing investment uncovered by metrics that can show marketing impact.

The Right Way to Measure

Demonstrating the impact of marketing when performance is the result of cross-functional efforts requires three elements:

  1. Show performance of shared impact metrics. Whether the goal is increased deal velocity, better renewal rates or improved customer loyalty, you need to demonstrate that the impact metrics marketing invests in are, in fact, improving.
  2. Provide proof of marketing participation. You need to prove that when marketing tactics are accepted by target audiences, impact metrics improve. If marketing isn’t involved, it will be uncomfortably difficult to assert any marketing influence over that performance improvement.
  3. Present evidence that performance metrics change as marketing participation changes. Evidence of marketing impact requires a comparison. Some deal cycles may have light levels of marketing interaction, some may have heavy levels, and some may have no marketing interaction at all. When you compare what improvements take place when marketing is present to what happens when marketing is not, you can develop reasonable proof that marketing is making a difference.

The latter type of metric is commonly referred to as measuring marketing influence. Clubs and resorts new to measuring marketing influence typically begin by measuring what portion of sales pipeline marketing has interacted with. The number of clubs doing this has been trending up in recent years, but only less than 50 percent of marketing organizations regularly measure marketing-influenced pipeline. The other 50 percent of organizations likely have a gap in their measurement approach and the way they prove marketing’s value. And when value isn’t proven, marketing resources understandably come under fire.

The good news is that even if your club isn’t incorporating influence into its measurement system, it’s not too late to start.

Golf Clubs With the Best Social Media Presence

From excellent photography and historical images to club announcements and celebrity engagement, these are the golf clubs with the best social media presence.

Golfers as a group tend to be rather obsessive about their sport. And can you blame them? Recreational golfers spend their free hours taking in the fresh air, vibrant green landscapes, invigorating exercise, and a couple of drinks with friends at the “nineteenth hole.” Many club members’ happy place is out on the greens, and some smart club administrators are keying into this desire always to stay connected to the feeling of getting in a weekend round. By cultivating a compelling social media presence, these clubs can keep their current and potential members continually engaged with their voice and message via particularly well-run social media channels.

Which courses have the best social media presence, and what are they doing to achieve it? PGA.com posed the question to its Facebook group (with a current fan base of nearly 400,000 likes) as part of its weekly program, “A Quick Nine.”  Some of the answers are no-brainers, but some may surprise you.


Kapalua Golf Club


Kapalua Golf Club (@GolfatKapalua) in Lahaina, Hawaii

Offering picturesque vistas of the nearby Pacific Ocean, this former host of the Tournament of Champions reportedly is a champion at using Twitter to grow its following. PGA.com reader Anders Haukoos mentioned that the incredible wealth of photos shared on the course’s Twitter page keeps him coming back for more, as well as the inclusive attitude. He prided the organization on re-tweeting both professional players as well as regular people like himself.


st. andrews links


St. Andrews Links (@TheHomeofGolf) in St. Andrews, Scotland

As the birthplace of golf, you’d think St. Andrews would get a pass to sit back and let players come to them. However, they are always working on their online presence. As one follower notes, the golf course is always sending out hourly updates on the conditions of the course. For those who are fans of history, they also tweet out about the historical significance of the course.


bandon dunes

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort (@BandonDunesGolf) in Bandon, Or

Bandon Dunes Resort offers breathtaking holes and exceptional resort amenities. The rugged Oregon Coast backdrop is the perfect setting for photos, and their social media accounts take advantage of their guests’ pictures of frequently sharing and re-tweeting them as well as religiously responding to guests’ comments on social media.



august national


Augusta National Golf Club (@TheMasters) in Augusta, Ga

This top-ranked golf course is a worldwide favorite for its magnificent landscape architecture and meticulous upkeep. It turns out that obsession with detail extends over into their social media presence. In fact, Augusta was overwhelmingly the number one response to PGA.com’s poll. Respondents reported that their artistic photos showcase the true beauty of golf and also lauded their free streaming of the Masters Tournaments.



The World’s Most Luxurious Airport Lounges

Ready for a first class experience before takeoff? Check out the unique amenities offered to the pre-boarding privileged in the most luxurious airport lounges in the world

For those who have not traveled business-class seat, and long to be in a first-class air experience, it is usually a moment of surprise to see the benefits passengers offered to the pre-boarding privileged. Amenities ranging from hair styling, fine dining, reading in private cabanas, personal assistants, spa treatments and filled champagne flutes are available for first class travelers in business class lounges.

When your dream of traveling in a preferred class comes tomorrow, we have compiled a list of the most luxurious airport lounges in the world!

Where: Charles de Gaulle Airport

There is the best quality treatment provided for passengers reaching terminal 2E flying in Air France La Premiere Lounge. From the particular arrival lounge, Guests go to the pre-security waiting area that comes after the beautiful Le Premiere Lounge. This lounge consists of few luxurious and richly expensive seating area, business center, a Biologique Recherche spa complimentary treatments, a rest area for sleeping, stylish and luxurious bar and an excellent restaurant organize by none other than master chef Alain Ducasse. It has been observed that the preferred dish ordered by frequent visitors is ”Conquillettes”. At the time of boarding guests in the lounge move quickly to their particular gates by car.

Where: Hamad International Airport

Qatar Airways is one of the outstanding lounges across the board, and it has an excellent reputation for giving quality services, and it’s one of the exceptional location is the AL Mourjan Business Lounge. Its large size and magnificent decor make it among the finest lounge in the world. Al Mourjan Business Lounge has an extensive area of two floors, and it is more than 100,000 square foot. The characteristics of this feature include:
• Conference rooms
• Showers
• Diversification in restaurants
• Rooms for short sleep
• Rooms for Family
• Exclusive game rooms
This lounge also has a well-stocked bar, in fact, it is the only one airport lounge which provides Krug Champagne for free.

Where: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

American Express has opened a series of Centurion Lounges domestically in airports (six to be exact), with more to come. The American Express Centurion Lounge located in DFW is one of the best lounges you'll be able to find. The Centurion Lounges come with unique perks; according to their locations, the San Francisco Lounge has a dedicated area for tasting Napa Valley wines. DFW has special Spa treatments with Exhale products, a luxurious shower suite, and locally inspired food specially cooked in accordance with the James Beard Award-Winning Chef Dean Fearing. All Centurion Lounges provide ample space and opportunities for productivity, family time and relaxation along with the featured cocktail programs overseen by Master Mixologist Jim Meehan.

Where: Heathrow Airport

In spite of the fact that there are few galleries for the first-class passengers in British Airways, only the Heathrow and JFK have ”The Concord room”, luxurious lounge-within-a-lounge with a distinctively Anglo vibe. The Concord Room is certified for providing stylish, expensive and luxurious furniture, elegant chandeliers and impressive artworks. It offers dining services includes covering a large choice of champagne and wine before a flight. Heathrow became successful gradually as compared to JFK because it offers private cabanas, where guests have access to using a day bed and private bathrooms before leaving the airport.

Where: Hong Kong International Airport

If you are looking for an elite comfortable experience then Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge at the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), is one of the best options. With its famously beloved Noodle Bar in the Business Lounge, and the newly renovated The Pier- the first lounge designed by famous designer Ilse Crawford, who produced the lounge with a subdued residential vide. The lounge is known for its luxurious shower suites, private work rooms, eight private suites that can be reserved for relaxation, and three suites where guests can receive free neck and foot massages. And it’s not just relaxation in the suites, the lounge has a drinking and dining bar with a featured a la carte menu and custom cocktails, and in our experience, there are no unappetizing buffets found in these bars.

Where: Abu Dhabi International Airport

Eithad Airways Premium Lounge consists of two terminals including 1 and 3. Some amenities appear in terminal 1 and some are in terminal 3. The characteristics of this lounge are:
• Relaxation area
• Business Centre
• Shower rooms
• An employee who guides and assists these guests
• Provides International Buffet
• a la carte dining
This lounge also offers entertainment for all ages of kids. Kids can enjoy and pass time in their family rooms, while for adults there are individual TV Pods. They also offer special Six Senses Spa which includes a variety of massages and facials. In Terminal 3, there are special services of Salon for men and women, where men can get a haircut and a shave, and women can book their appointments for shaping their eyebrow, nail treatments or a blowout.

Where: Dubai International Airport

Emirates flight experience has a reputation for being one of the best, and Emirates’ First Class Lounge in Dubai has the distinction of being the largest first-class lounge in the world, with an entire length of the airline’s terminal dedicated to flights departing on A380s. So you can imagine the many amenities i.e shops, restaurants, comfortable seating, restroom, showers, cigar bar and recharging options. The lounge even has a wine cellar with a staff of sommeliers to help customers find a perfect bottle, and the best part is you can board your flight directly from the lounge after getting your wine rather than exiting and going to the gate.

Where: Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Step into the future, but stepping in at The Infinity- one of EVA Air’s premium lounges at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. This is not just any typical lounge, with its twinkling lights, curved walls, comfortable areas to relax with delicious Chinese and Western food buffets, EVA Air’s Infinity’s Lounge in Taiwan Taoyuan is your dream airport lounge if you have a thing for first class flight luxuries.

Special Amenities: Themed shower rooms, a nursery, and a business center. And if you get bored you have easy access to three other lounges; The Garden, The Star and the Club, all three located in the same terminal.

Finnair Premium Lounge
Where: Helsinki Airport

Finnair makes a huge effort to offer exceptional services to its passengers so that they can have a great experience. At the Finnair lounge, there are Scandinavian design displayed, where Marimekko, Alvar Aalto, Eero Aarnio and Eero Saarinen are one of the most respectable names presented. On the two floors, Lounge offers a huge variety of seating areas including different furniture and curtain dividers are available for creating a sense of privacy. Several drinking and dining options are also offered day and night and luxurious designs, famous and well reputed Finnish Sauna is one of the private shower suites.

Where: Haneda International Airport

Haneda International Airport has had a beautiful redesigned JAL first-class lounge since 2014 featured with contemporary Japanese aesthetic with a vast and spacious outlook. The lounge is a perfect place to spend few hours while eating the well-stocked buffet and delicious hot dishes and taking advantage of the comfortable armchairs and sofas of the lounge. This rarely crowded lounge has several amenities for its guests i.e. shoe polishing, playing foosball, champagne, and neck and back massages that can be followed by a shower.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal
Where: Frankfurt Airport

Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal is not just a lounge but a large beautiful building, a world for premium passengers. From Valet staff to personal assistants are being provided for the ease of the passenger. The valet staff is available to park personal vehicles and return rentals, while personal assistant welcome customers at the terminal entrance and accompanies them through security and passport control. A very relaxing environment has been created to ease the passengers and feel their best; relaxation chairs, two private chairs with day beds, four shower rooms and a cigar lounge with a very pleasant environment which allows guests to enjoy their time.

Michelin-starred chefs’ cuisine and a bar with 150 whiskeys make visitors cheerful and then personal drivers escort them to their gate.

Oman Air First Class Lounge
Where: Muscat International Airport

Personal chefs at Oman Air’s First Class Lounge are available to cater the guests whether they want a snack or three-course meal. A very friendly and generous staff is available after dining to entertain guests and take care of them if they seek to focus on business or sleep in a relaxation room. They have stocked up bars and satellite TV for any entertainment and passing the time. Also, complimentary services like 15-minutes massage are provided to make them feel relaxed and good, relaxing shower rooms stocked up with bathrobes and Amouage perfumes. Personal drivers are available to drop guests at their plane in a limo at their departure time.

Where: Sydney Airport

Qantas’s airport First Lounge with maniacal admirers in Sydney secures extortionate marks for providing all of their offers. It has an elegant and attractive design which makes the lounge look broad and spacious and yet private. The restaurant menus are decided and designed by the prestigious chef Neil Perry, and it has charming spa with treatment rooms that are equipped with living walls of greenery. Other features which accentuates the lounge very elegantly are full-time barista, showers, library, sleek furniture and more. The lounge also offers outstanding tarmac and runway views, which is very difficult to find in any other premium lounge, and if you do not have enough time to take in the view and relax, there is a work area and dining lounge with a buffet for guests with less time.

Royal First Lounge
Where: Suvarnabhumi Airport

Royal First Lounge is considered one of the best lounge of Thai Airways at the Bangkok Airport. Personal escorts are available to assist First Class Passengers to and from the lounge, and buggy rides are also available for rides through the airport so that passengers can easily move from one place to another to avoid any hassle. In the lounge, there are sleeping rooms, shower suites, VIP rooms, Private corners for groups and families and 22-seat dining room. They give great services to their guests including 60-minutes full body massage and 30-minutes neck and shoulder massage. These massages are available at the Royal Orchid Spa. This spa has steam rooms and shower suites. Both the lounge and spa on the same Concours so that passengers can easily visit both locations, but many passengers decide to spend most of their time at the Spa.

Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge
Where: Singapore Changi Airport

Three SilverKris Lounges at Changi have been operated by the Singapore Airlines. A very high-class Private room available to first class passengers or suites on the carrier. The Private room is itself a unique feature of the lounge which is exceptional at providing excellent services and dining. There’s a profusion of luxe armchairs for guests to relax into, two private rooms for rest, and a very active team of attendants who look after the guests. The main spotlight of the lounge is the high-end five-course meal dining choice which makes guests jubilant. Also, a well-stocked buffet with a range of dishes is also provided.

Star Alliance International Lounge
Where: Los Angeles International Airport

Star Alliance International Lounge is highly competitive with One World Lounge and Qantas’s International First Lounge but it maintains its uniqueness in one way: A grandiloquent rooftop area with a breathtaking view of the Hollywood Hills and the L.A. skyline. The other most appealing feature of the lounge is an indoor bar with a substantial adjacent balcony that makes the look of an airport terminal alluring. Another distinctive feature is that the lounge is LEED Gold certified, which is most apparent in the lounge’s dependence on natural light rather than artificial light. The design of the lounge is made by L.A. based designers Charles and Ray Eames. Although the lounge has exclusively allocated sections for business and first-class travelers but this is where the former outweighs the latter.

SWISS First Lounge
Where: Zurich Airport

SWISS manages an astonishing nine lounges at Zurich airport, in which First Lounge in Terminal E is the most luxurious one. Customized culinary formation in a high standard dining restaurant and classic dishes from the states at the American Diner fully enjoyed by the guests. In this lounge, there are suites for work and conferences, but the exceptional quality features are two hotel rooms with real beds, private bathrooms and a panoramic view of the Alps. There are more than 1,000 bottles stored in the lounge's container from which Oenophiles can choose more than that and lovers of whiskey can go to the Senator lounge in Terminal E where they can select more than 120 whiskeys around the world. In pleasant weather, it's a better option to enjoy the Alpine vistas rather than sitting on the expensive seat on the covered terrace.

Where: Istanbul Ataturk Airport

If you worry about your kids relaxing while traveling, then the CIP Lounge is a great option for you with its children’s playroom and private rooms where you can take care of your infants and relax. However, it is not limited only to family travelers. It has a variety of options available for other guests, i.e. TV, movies, video games, a music room equipped with a big screen, a billiards room, library, golf simulator, slot-car racing track and much more. So whether you are looking to relax while traveling with family, or want to relax with a great book, get a massage, play games or just take a shower, CIP provides you with all the options. And if you are going there, then do not forget to check out the olive garden with real olive trees and an olive bar.

Where: John F. Kennedy International Airport

I know some of you might be partial to the Heathrow location of Clubhouse, but personally, we are favoring the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at JFK, considering how U.S. lounges tend to be cramped. This lounge provides a similar experience to Virgin Air's in-flight experience, with its fun and funky décor, fun games (in the entertainment zone with its signature red-ball sofa), semi-formal dining in the brasserie area and complimentary cocktails before evening flights. The Clubhouse in JFK is the only location, apart from London, with a Clubhouse Spa, complete with Bumble & Bumble hair products and Dr. Hauschka skincare line, with special spa treatments ranging from hair styling to facials and massages.

How Golf Courses Snag a Coveted Spot on Golf Digest’s Top 100 List

Ever wonder how courses & clubs make the Golf Digest Top 100 list? Private Club Marketing breaks down the know how on How to Make Golf Digest Top 100 List.

Recently the country’s “oldest and most respected course ranking” marked its 51st year in circulation, having just celebrated its golden anniversary in 2016. The big news this year is that the scuffle for the much sought-after number one rank has switched from the famed Augusta National in Georgia, to the also exclusive Pine Valley Golf Club in Southern New Jersey. Pine Valley returns to the top from its erstwhile number two position, although it has occupied top billing before in 2009 and 2015.

With all this flip-flopping between the highest ranked courses, one thing is clear—any course in the top handful of Golf Digest’s Top 100 List boasts incredible landscape architecture, service, and artistry in its homage to the game of golf. When the choices are all top-notch, how does the panel of experts make its choice?

According to legendary golf journalist Ron Whitten, clubs often ask “How to Make Golf Digest Top 100 List”, well panelists play and rank courses according to a set of seven criteria: shot values, resistance to scoring, design variety, memorability, aesthetics, conditioning, and ambiance.

“To arrive at a course's final score,” he says, “we total its averages in the seven categories, doubling Shot Values. A course needs 45 evaluations over the past eight years to be eligible for America's 100 Greatest and the Second 100 Greatest.”

In response to past criticism of the list that so many of the courses on Golf Digest’s Top 100 are exclusive private clubs and not generally available to most of the publication’s readers, Whitten says Golf Digest answered back by introducing a specialized list of the Top 100 Public Courses in 2003. And what about the tension between the Top 100 and the Second Greatest 100 lists?

Whitten notes that placement on the number two list is “…not a consolation prize, but what it does is tell you who might contend next time around.”






Best Practices for Private Club Membership and Marketing

The near and long-term rewards to taking the following steps are much more rewarding best practices for club marketing and memberships.

If you Google “best practices” for practically any form of private club marketing or membership campaign—print, e-mail, or social media—the word “relevance” is sure to come up. Simply put, your messages need to resonate with your audiences. Sounds obvious enough, but how do you execute these best practices for club marketing?

The answer is not as easy as, say, mailing out a general membership e-mail to 1,000 members, past members and prospects to diminishing effect. But the near- and long-term rewards to taking the following steps are much. much more rewarding.

Relevance should be the primary goal of your private club marketing and membership engagement strategies. Everything else (including response and donation levels) can only happen if the message is interesting enough to open and the reader is sticking around for the story.

We like to think of relevance as the hub of a wheel with 8 spokes that are critical to keeping your campaigns rolling. If any of the spokes are weak or missing, your marketing won’t be as effective.

The 8 Spokes on the Wheel of Relevance:

  1. Segments – Hopefully, you are segmenting your members into lists (active members, past members, prospects, etc.). Have you gone beyond the basics to see if you can create sub-segments? The more you can personalize your message, the better the response will be. For example, can you identify members who constantly visit the club but rarely spend and those that come less frequent but spend more and tailor your messaging accordingly?
  2. Offer – The other advantage to defining and refining your segments is that you can fine-tune your offer to resonate more fully with each audience. Maybe you can incentivize those non-use members to bring a guest with them by providing premium benefits. These might include an invitation to a special cocktail party or acknowledgment for their support over the years.
  3. Story – If you had 8 seconds to get your members’ attention and tell them why they should refer a friend to join, or attend an event, what would you say? The best place to start a private club marketing appeal is with a compelling headline that draws the reader in. Follow your headline up by telling a story that describes the campaign, establish why the recipient should want to participate (appeals to their emotions). Your club may be focused on many initiatives, but resist the urge to try to share them all—you’ll only turn off the recipient. Make sure every single word is focused on the campaign at hand.
  4. Proof – What are your clubs latest triumphs? Sharing them is an excellent way to keep active members engaged and help prospects or past members get involved. Do you have statistics or testimonials that help prove the effectiveness of your program? Create a sidebar or graph to shine a spotlight on your success. People scan e-mails, blogs, and printed materials before they dig deeper. Make sure your proof points pop off the page.
  5. Call to Action – The biggest mistake many clubs makes is not making it clear why people should join or refer their friends to your club—NOW. Create a sense of urgency. You are competing not only against your recipient’s leisure dollar, but every other form of advertising they are being subjected to on a given day. You need to encourage them to act when you have their attention. This also means repeating your call to action several times in the same communication—particularly in your e-mails and on your website. The more buttons and text links the better. Take a page out of the best of breed consumer marketing playbook. Look at e-mails you receive from retailers. They weave many ways for the customer to buy throughout their promotions. You should do the same.
  6. Measurement – How do you measure success? The number of new members? The number of referrals? A combination of the two? Do you have a system in place for measuring results and tracking them over time? If you don’t, your campaigns will be run more on intuition than fact. That doesn’t bode well for the longevity of any organization.
  7. Post Mortem – When the campaign is over, how do you share what worked and what didn’t and who gets to contribute to the discussion? It’s a shame that many people with institutional knowledge aren’t given the opportunity to help make things better by participating in a post mortem. There’s nothing like a “shut the phones off, 3-hour honest assessment while the data is fresh” meeting to generate ideas and get the team fired up about the next promotion. Distribute the notes from this session, so you can:
  8. Implement Learnings – Your campaigns should continually evolve to take advantage of your recent learnings and fine tune your messages to each of your membership segments. Doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t is the best way to achieve success and maximize your return on investment.

Content Marketing for Private Clubs

Content Marketing for Private Clubs: Why Private Clubs Must Resort to Creating Content Like Media Companies

Creating compelling content that engages and entertains consumers has stayed a top priority for businesses for years. That’s why every business, including private clubs, must treat their brand like a media firm and develop interesting content that keeps consumers engaged. But with tastes and trends constantly changing, it can be difficult to determine the definition of content. This is a key question for clubs and hotels, which use valuable time and resources to create the kinds of content that can retain current customers and reach prospective guests. Hospitalitynet.org shared why hotel brands should create content that captures consumers’ attention; we’ve edited to be club specific.

Arriving at Content for Millennials, Mobile Users, and Modern Members

Today, content is viewed as a means to connections. It’s all about helping consumers feel connected to a brand, a lifestyle, a status, and other like-minded members. It’s about expressing the ways a brand reflects a member’s interests and views through its offerings, experiences, value, and convenience. And now more than ever, all of a club’s content must be designed to connect on both broad and personal levels.

But with so many forms of content competing for people’s attention, how can a club make its content stand out? By developing content marketing, that’s engaging and entertaining.

Some club management companies like ClubCorp are achieving these goals through traditional media like Private Clubs Magazine filled with interesting articles. And Marriott International is opting to use new media sources, such as its Digital Content Studio filled with feature films, along with Snapchat campaigns and blogs.

Keys to Developing Content Marketing for Private Clubs Like a Media Company

Media companies know that content must be compelling, continual, and consistent to connect with consumers. All this takes is creativity and surprisingly little expense or effort. The best content comes across as authentic and natural, so try to film on the property and convey the experience at each destination. Consider these savvy sources of content for your hospitality marketing:

•   Post candid club snapshots on Instagram.

•   Produce “insider” videos of club operations, with mobile devices.

•   Film interviews with staff members who can offer great golf, dining, wine, etiquette or fashion tips.

•   List must-attend events recommended menu items or cocktails to attract and inform your members and prospects.

•   Livestream live entertainment and events using Periscope or Facebook Live.

•   Profile each hotel department to offer behind-the-scenes secrets.

•   Spotlight favorite staff members to make them familiar to members.

•   Ask followers for feedback on the kinds of content they want to see.

Forbes list of Richest Celebrities includes Tiger Woods & Phil Mickelson

Forbes recently came out with its “Richest Celebrities 2016” list, and two golfers made the cut. These are people who got rich off their fame and does not consider the ones who got famous because of their wealth. Phil Mickelson checks in at No. 18 on the list (right ahead of Barbara Streisand) with a net worth of $375 million, reportedly.

Tiger Woods slides in at No. 7 with a reported net worth of $740 million. He is ahead of No. 8 Dr. Dre ($710 million) but behind No. 6 Diddy ($750 million). Here is a look at the top five.

  1. George Lucas ($4.6 billion)
  2. Steven Spielberg ($3.7 billion)
  3. Oprah Winfrey ($2.8 billion)
  4. Michael Jordan ($1.2 billion)
  5. David Copperfield ($850 million)

Here is the full list and what Forbes said about Woods.

Tiger Woods may not have a stash of enchanted antiquities, but he does own a $60 million property in Jupiter Island, Florida. With a net worth of $740 million, the 40-year-old golfer is the youngest member of the list. Besides Jordan, Phil Mickelson is the only other athlete to make the cut.

It is fascinating that golf, the fifth-most (sixth-most? seventh-most?) popular sport in the nation has produced two of the wealthiest athletes on the planet. With a couple more apparently on the way in Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth.

Friends of James Beard Enjoy Dinner Benefit at Winged Foot Golf Club

Hundreds of pages filled with elite club histories, intimate photographs, recipes and stories from select golf clubs & destinations.

On November 10th of this year, the reserved, private, and internationally famous Winged Foot Golf Club welcomed guests to a “unique and groundbreaking” benefit event. On a pleasant Thursday evening, this exclusive club in Mamaroneck, NY played host to a Friends of James Beard Benefits (FOJBB) dinner, held to launch a new coffee table book you'll be sure to see gracing fine living rooms around the country: Golf Kitchen.

This unique and much anticipated project developed by GK CEO and world class culinary writer and photographer, Diana DeLucia, ushers readers through a culinary tour of some of the world of golf’s most impressive and beloved kitchens and dining rooms. The book’s many hundreds of pages are filled with elite club histories, intimate photographs, recipes, and stories from a selective 16 upscale golf clubs and destinations. “Diana has worked tirelessly to create this world class publication, which promotes the top caliber chefs and their craft in the private club world,” says Winged Foot Golf Club Executive Chef, Rhy Waddington, who is no stranger to performing culinary miracles in the name of the James Beard Foundation. And of Waddington, Diane Harris Brown, Director of Educational and Community Programming for the James Beard Foundation, says that his cooking is “elegant and technique-driven,” and that “the results have dazzled our guests and enriched our legacy.”

The illustrious dinner also featured executive chefs from around the world who are featured among Golf Kitchen’s 500+ pages celebrating renowned world of the best culinary professionals of the high-end golf club world. This elite group of chefs guided Winged Foot Golf Club’s membership, as well as FOJBB benefactors, on a culinary journey through some of their most beloved dishes featured in the book. About the success of the evening, Winged Foot Executive Chef, Rhy Waddington told Private Club Marketing, “The whole room was just full of this fantastic smell. One of the most well-received dishes was a braised rabbit with Swiss chard ravioli and white truffles. We did a _foie gras_ with crab apple lollipop as a sort of appetizer which people loved as well…Often club chefs get forgotten about, so this was a real celebration.” The international chefs of the evening were from Emirates Golf Club and Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, while the domestic chefs were from Winged Foot, Sebonack GC in Southampton, and Cassique at Kiawah Island Club.

In addition to Winged Foot Golf Club itself, the Golf Kitchen coffee table book also features stories, recipes, histories, and photographs from kitchens at places like Golf de l'Ocean in Morocco, Kingston Heath Golf Club in Australia, Emirates Golf Club in Dubai, Dorado Beach (a Ritz-Carlton Reserve,) in Dorado, Puerto Rico, and Cassique Golf Club in South Carolina, among others. According to Golf Kitchen’s media contact, “Portions of the proceeds from book sales will benefit World Central Kitchen, supporting impoverished children around the world,” as well as the Folds of Honor Foundation. “These chefs and their teams have inspired me,” said DeLucia after the special night. “…they are influencing other private clubs and staff to improve their culinary culture; they are making their members very proud.”

The book is now available online at golfkitchen.com.

Golf Snapchat Accounts You Should Be Following

As more and more people and companies in the golfing space have started making noise about Snapchat, we at Private Club Marketing have curated a list of accounts you should be following.

With golf looking for more ways to attract a younger demographic Snapchat's platform is perfect for getting your message out to the loyal young followers of your club and course.

Continue reading